The Wacko Right Has Lost it’s Giblets

The first couple  six times I read posts about this, I ignored it as the work of some nut case in Hoboken or Alabama. But then I started seeing more, and I realized that this issue has legs!

The wacko religious right is at it again. You see, when you decide what the bible means, then you cram, twist, turn-inside-out, turn-upside-down, and otherwise thoroughly alter reality to fit your notions. Then the world is okay. See? History agrees with ME.

Not content to trying to believe that our Founding Fathers (FFs) set up a Christian Nation upon a high hill in Plymouth Massachusetts, they are now trying to involve the poor Pilgrims in their revisionist ideas of what really happened.

It should come as no surprise that Rush-me-some-Oxycoton-Limbaugh is onboard. Ditto, Glenn-bend-you-mind-around-me-Beck. Singing the praises is nutjob-wannabe, John Stossel. Soon to be climbing upon the Silly Express will no doubt be Michele-which-way-to-Bellview-Bachmann and Sarah-worshipin-my-bank-account-Palin.

It goes, (the NEW and improved history) sumpin’ like this:

For reasons unknown, the pilgrims upon landing decided to engage in socialism. So they pooled all their stuff and lived in a big old commune, takin’ from each, and givin’ to each as was their due. This, bein’ unGodly, and most unbiblical, brought the wrath of the One Truest God down upon their heads, and they was a close to starvin’ come winter time. The dear Indians came to their rescue and saved ’em.

Well, that was enough of that. The Pilgrims stopped that socialism stuff, and discovered capitalism and free market economies and they became fat, rich and sassy and lived happily ever after, until that Muslim black man came along and tried to undue all their Godly work.

That’s it in a nutshell, though why you would want it in a nutshell is not before us today and seems slightly weird. Perhaps so it could be hid away and protected from destruction from Godless socialists.

Well, none of it is true of course. In fact Stossel just changes the dates of the first Thanksgiving in an attempt to make it appear more in line with his bilge. Rush has been runnin’ this crap for some time it seems, but now it’s caught on, which just goes to show you that lies, damnable lies, have a viral impact and are catchin’.

Crooks and Liars has a fine refudiation of the urban myth and some actual facts about the earliest of our settlers, coming from actual and real historians and not the fake ones Foxy and it’s brigands unearth.


It is reported that the Dems will be making another attempt to pass the Dream Act during this lame duck session. Border Explorer has an excellent piece on the truth of what the Act is and is not. Please read and familiarize yourself with the facts so that you can explain it to your more limited friends and neighbors. 


I read a book review of Nobel Laureate Günter Grass’s latest book, The Box.  After reading what Adam Kirsch from Slate has to say, I think you might take a look. A serious book, but perhaps a very good one. You decide as usual. I seriously need to read more fiction!


A topic of conversation for some time now, has been the unhealthy and unfortunate state of our media. While I don’t in the least subscribe to the right-wing blather than the MSM is liberal, I do subscribe to the belief that it has become mostly awful. Newspapers and serious magazines are on the wane. Can we trust our democracy to untrained folks like me to keep people somewhat informed?

Moe over at Whatever Works has a good piece that is an eye-opener for sure. The US ranks something like 21st in having a free press. Yes, 21st. It turns out that those countries that rank highest, subsidize their free press, something we don’t. It’s worth the time to look at this and perhaps follow a few links.


I’ve found a new poet that is really special. I invite you to see the works of FadedRomantic.


I don’t know about you, but I’m watching carefully the goings on in the Korean Peninsula. It is mildly chilling to watch the cold-dead eyes of Kim Jong Il, and the even colder eyes of his chosen successor, child-man Kim Jong Un. This IS a time for Sarah to shut her damn mouth, as well as all the politics-first GOP. The situation is just too tense. So please, for once in your sorry lives put the country first.


Since food has been the focus of the week, I thought you might be interested in this new book, Empires of Food. You can read a review of it at History Today Magazine.

Speaking of which, oh the leftovers yesterday were sublime. Just like the original meal, and sometimes even better. Today it’s work on the sides, but we are having turkey sandwiches with (for me at least) swiss cheese, lettuce, slices of green pepper, paper-thin onion slices and mayo.

One of the best items was a new recipe for shredded Brussel sprouts. It was a surprise hit. I’ll probably write out the recipe in the next day or two. I do love to try at least one new thing every year, and this will definitely be a repeat!

Off to nosh.

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13 comments on “The Wacko Right Has Lost it’s Giblets

  1. Ahab says:

    The situation in the Korean peninsula has me very concerned. Not only could it destabilize the region, but it could pull the U.S. into a conflict for which it is ill-prepared. The U.S. military is already stretched thin due to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan — how on earth could it handle a third war?

    On a lighter note, Palin is being a dingbat, as usual.

    • Sherry says:

      I agree Ahab, we cannot afford for this to go badly. I’m worried China would enter as well, and then we got a whole huge problem.

    • Sherry says:

      I agree Ahab, I’m concerned that if this goes badly, not only will we be drawn in, but China as well. Then we got a whole nother problem.

  2. Jan says:

    shredded brussel sprouts?? That is something that I’d have to be coerced to try, but maybe for you. . . .Thanks for the nice card and letter. I never got around to them this year.

    • Sherry says:

      LOL Jan! If you like brussel sprouts it works! If you don’t like them, maybe you might! But there are veggies I don’t like–like fennel. I really hate it, and because of that don’t like a lot of sausage because they put fennel seed in it.

      Most welcome for the card!

  3. Thomas says:

    As I understand it, the First Thanksgiving was the Pilgrims giving thanks that not everybody was dead of starvation, hypothermia, or disease. That’s always seemed kind of sad and pathetic to me.

    It’s kind of like that last scene in The Life of Brian when they’re all singing, “Always Look On The Bright Side of Life,” only without the delicious irony.

    • Sherry says:

      Indeed Thomas. I think they farmed in common for about 2 or three years before they decided that they didn’t like it. It has zero to do with socialism however, they just thought they could make more money. But they didn’t trust one another, and thus decided to go back to what was normal–individual farming. Life of Brian is a real favorite of mine! lol

  4. Tony says:

    Brussel Sprouts are Too Big to eat naturally; they were Designed to be chopped, by Teeth or Chopper.

    Don’t tell Limboo/Beck et al, that “socialism” was invented by Every Group, Cave-Men on. Christ asked his Apostles to lewave their Wealth, Greed, Family to Fish to save Humanity; ditto Monks, Quakers, Budhists, Confuscius, Allah….

    The U.S.A. is the ONLY Capitaism Only By the Mega-Rich culture on Earth. And Taxpayers had to Rescue Our Financial System.

    And OH YES: OUR ECONOMIC SURVIVAL IS DEPENDANT ON ‘Socialist” China, Germany, Japan Loaning Their Capital to keep Our Government, Our Economy barelly above water

    And All-Capitalim Focused Reaganomics/GWBushonomics have BankruA, BEYOND RECOVERY. We are Rapidly becoming a Third World Country,

    • Sherry says:

      You are right Tony, a brussel sprout is too big! lol…I do think a number of “socialist” governments are doing at least as good as us. Just another GOP knee jerk fear tactic.

  5. Tony says:

    Or is it Cauliflower?

  6. okjimm says:

    //engage in socialism//
    I sometimes engage in socialism….but only when wearing proper protection …other wise you get little socialists or a social disease!!!!

    ‘n I happen to like B Sprouts! pickled ones are good in Bloody Socialist Marys!!!

    • Sherry says:

      Glad you practice safe socialism!

      And brussels are nice, but you do need to sometimes unbitter them a bit. I love the idea of pickled ones for Bloody Mary! Yah

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