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I’ll tell you where it goes when you think you have lost your very best ever dressing recipe! I was fussin’ and fumin’ and generally expletive deleted from one end of the house to the other.

You see, I’ve spent hours creating all these recipe folders. As I paged through every single one to no effect, I realized I hadn’t made hardly any of these things anyway.

Thankfully, I found the recipe reproduced here, under a search for turkey dressing, about the 6th blog post. Phew!

So, I’m going to rethink my whole enterprise of recipe keeping. Frankly you might be bored since I plan to do every essential recipe here where I can’t lose it!


Well, a parent can be proud. Last night, I was in my office meditating (reading old Martha Stewart mags looking for, what else–recipes) when there was a knock at the door. “Come in,” I chirped.

There stood the Contrarian, beckoning me.  “You gotta see Brandy on the front porch,” he grinned.

I looked questioning, but nothing further was coming forth. I dutifully arose and headed to the front window to look across at the porch.

There stood the girlie. Eyes bright and shiny as a pups, her tail wagging furiously. In her mouth? A rather substantial rooster pheasant. She never moved, just stood in all her pride and glory, waiting to have her pic snapped with her prize.

I opened the door, praised her efforts, and nodded sadly as her eyes asked “may I bring it in please?” Great job girlie. Enjoy your triumph.

Bear was nonchalant as he wandered about the house. “Good job in helping Brandy, Bear,” I offered. He ignored the whole thing, whether out of embarrassment or generally pissiness that it was her and not him. He went out later, but walking by with no look to her catch. She watched over it for some time, finally the cold set into her bones and she labored up the steps and went to bed.

Such is life in the meadow.


You know, we are a nation of whiners. We want everything but want to pay for none of it. It’s who we are. Today we are all supposed to line up behind a silly idiot who went ballistic at having a pat down at the airport. “Don’t touch my junk man!” Yeah, and if somebody’s crotch explodes and plane goes down, what will we be hearing then? Shaddup and go find some other way to get to Paris or Madrid you idiot. Like anybody wants to ogle or fondle your very ordinary body. Sheesh, get a life.


I did, I thought, a decent smack down of the creepy old man, McCain. But it was nothing, I mean NOTHING like the super embarrass-the-hell-out-of John Sidney, that Jon Stewart did. If you missed it, please do yourself a huge favor and watch it here. Jon and a number of his crew simply eviscerated and excoriated McCain. It was beautiful. No doubt John Sidney is buying new TV’s today, having put his foot through all he owned.


We hear that Bristol Palin keeps winning despite the fact that she is at the bottom of the judges board every week for the last six or so. I wonder if DWTS’s realizes that it has single-handedly orchestrated its own cancellation. At best it was barely a competition, but at least some good dancing occurring in the last six weeks or so. Now it’s a silly joke of Palin mama grizzly voters who keep the two-left-footed Bristol on despite her embarrassing performances. So we hear. We stopped watching week two.


It’s all over the news. Newly elected Restooplican, Andy Harris, a doctor, started right off complaining when he found out his government health care wouldn’t start until February. This after campaigning vociferously against the new health care law, vowing to repeal it, and stating again and again that government had no business in health care. Yeah, whine much? Andy, hands wringing, worries about what he will do without health care for 28 days! You poor slob.


I imagine that Mitch McConnell and John Boehner meet after hours to share a drink and sob in each other’s martini. What has gone wrong here? All the sudden they are dancing to the tune of the know-nothing teabuggers. Earmarks? Yes? Earmarks, No! It’s fun to watch ain’t it?


To me, it’s quite simple. The GOPer’s claim that we have to keep the Bush-tax-cuts in order to generate jobs. Okay.

The key word is KEEP. We have had the Bush Tax cuts for how many years now. And what happened to the economy? And what happened to the jobs?

It’s really that simple isn’t it?


Mike Taibbi has a super article (really an excerpt from his new book) at AlterNet. If the terms “moron” “grifter class” “dingbats” and Palin and Bachmann in the same sentence, make you all giddy, then do go over and read!


And we are off to dinner prep.

On the stove today: Taco casserole with fresh salsa, sour creme, and avocado. Enjoy!