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At the rate that time is speeding up, I figure to be dead within a month. Seriously, each week is now only about eight hours long.

So, when the first article in my reader today was about Cindy McCain I nearly flipped out.

I have a long-held  secret sympathy for Cindy, wife of one of the uglier humans on the planet. If you believe a number of writers, he is guilty of some forms of emotional abuse, and not in private either.

Looking at Cindy on the campaign trail, one couldn’t help see the resemblance with another long-suffering woman, Pat Nixon. Remember that pinched unhappy face? All the misery of being married to the dark force Richard was etched horribly across her sad face.

Cindy took on that look. I have little doubt that she breathed a sigh of relief when John lost. Imagine living with a man who has such a poor opinion of women that he thought Sarah would fly?

Well, Cindy seems to have shaken off any need to be the ever-suffering wife. She has come our four-square for the repeal of DADT. She has done a video, featuring other celebrities laying out the case for fair treatment for our LGBT community. John, on the other hand, has done an about-face, now essentially against it. He once said the generals should decide, and when they did, he blatantly changed his position, ignoring their opinions.

It seems that the women in John’s life have got backbone and ovaries. He, on the other hand, is embarrassingly without any cahones at all.


As I reported a bit earlier, rumors are getting louder that Obama will back down on letting the tax cuts for the rich die. We’re now talking about “compromise” in some effort to appear bipartisan to the electorate. This seems odd to me, when every poll I’ve seen, suggests that there are clear majorities in the public arena favoring this position.

I was told on NBC news last night, that Democrats fear being labeled as “tax raisers” if they pursue asking the damned wealthy to pay a fair share for a change. I exploded, “So, we do the wrong thing, because the GOP might  accuse the Democrats of being tax raisers? How ’bout telling the public they are liars!”

The President authorized an appeal from the DADT ruling and has yet to explain how this agrees with his stated position that DADT was wrong. If there is an explanation, the great explainer has failed to tell us.

That is exactly what I don’t get. I’m more than willing to believe that Obama has some grand plan that will be impervious to GOP meddling, but Jeeeeebus, will you let us in on it? That in my opinion is exactly why so many of us on the left are so deeply disheartened. Eugene Robinson speaks directly to the issue in a nice post at Truthout.

As I recall, President Truman, with a stroke of a Presidential pen, integrated the armed forces. How did that stand up? He did it because it was right. When oh when, will we get states men and women back? You might vaguely remember that they once existed. You know, people who did what was right without conducting five internal polling tests to make sure it wouldn’t hurt re-election chances?


When I read this, I just swore, “well that tears it!” There are not a lot of things I wish to see before I join that choir of angels singing finally in perfect pitch,”Hallelujah”. One of them was certainly that I could peaceably to my Maker knowing that the universe was finally a unified place.

I mean I believed with the same soul-felt fervor that as God is in heaven, all four forces would one day be united in a singular glorious and elegant equation that had the unmistakable imprimatur of God’s finger upon it. I had no doubts. This was not a case of “I believe, God help my unbelief!”

I now understand there are voices in theoretical physics that may be saying no. No, no unification, that which has been sought with eagerness for some 35+ years. Perhaps this is it, perhaps we are un-unified, imperfect, and inelegant.

I mean it causes me to think of having the vapors and taking to my fainting couch. Next they will be telling me that Lassie is not still romping in heaven.

(actually the book may be well worth your buying. Hell of a read they say.)


I’m enjoying the dance. You know the one I mean.

“I’m against earmarks!”

“Well, perhaps not the ones having to do with getting my state’s fair share!”

“I’m against all earmarks, seriously!”

“Cut those deficits! How? Well, wait for the commission.”

“Cut those deficits! How? Line by line through that budget, lookin’ for places to cut!”

“Where? That’s a typical political question. We have to sit down and look through all the departments,  cut out the excesses!”

“Where? Hey leave me alone–I was elected to cut deficits, that’s it!”

Yeah, still waiting GOP and teabuggers. Still waiting on jobs too Boehner. Still waiting.


This last is just here to remind you that you are superbly sane. Alan Keyes, you remember that douche right? Ran for president in the GOP, nobody paid any attention? He writes for the WorldNewsDaily now, that so-called “Christian” hate internet source. Yes, I knew you would remember.

It seems Keyes suggests that the GOP will have no credibility until they get on the bandwagon and address the “real” issue that is burning in the minds of all real Merikans–that Barack Obama is no real Merikan at all, just a filthy usurper from the country of Hawaii, that land of pagan Polynesians–you know what I mean.

Actually what is even more proof that you are sane, is that there are a number of GOPers who actively support this crazyhead thinking. Vitter, and Blunt, to name a couple.