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Yep, I have chosen Oklahoma as the state which had the most idiotic voter choice of the entire nation! I am stumped as to what the trophy should be. . .nothing too erudite, since the locals wouldn’t understand. After all, they are D U M B.

Didn’t hear? Okay. Well the fine folk of the Sooner state decided to do its bit to fight terrorism. It placed on the ballot a bill that would prevent a judge in Okie from using Sharia law as the basis for deciding a case.

Yeah. I know, Al Qaeda is shaking in its boots and we are all certainly a good deal safer for them having the backbone to stand up tall and face the possible fatwa that might follow. ‘

It seems that they went a tad far, also barring any judge from using any “international law” as well. Newt, their trusted guide in this matter apparently approved. The amendment to the Okie Constitution passed with a lovely 70?% of the electorate, numbering nearly 700,000 folks. I bet you had no idea there were that many morons in Oklahoma huh?

Since the Ten Commandments come from another nation, legal experts now wonder whether the so-called Judeo-Christian principles are now unconstitutional in Oklahoma. Also, the majority of American jurisprudence, which is admittedly based on English Common Law.

Apparently there are no lawyers in the state of Oklahoma, who could step forward and explain these simple facts to the flatlanders of the plains. Stay tuned for further updates and Okies require homing devices to find their way home from work.


It has become apparent to me from this mid-term election, that some woefully nutzo stuff is going on in Merika. So it has fallen to me to begin a new series called, “What IS Going on in (state).” With people moving all over the place, I figure you need to know what you may be getting into. So I’m gonna give you the low-down skinny on our fifty fine family abodes. I hope by the end, to have offended everyone, so stay tuned!


I didn’t expect the fun to start so soon. Referring to the Teabuggers and their new “heft” in Congress. It seems they are feeling their oats as they say, and making them demands upon the party regulars. They are demanding things, and not acting at all like the neophytes they truly are. Even the Turtle has been forced to say “whoa there Nellie” to the uppity youngsters representing the oh-so-stupid old white men’s anger club.


We’re happy to report that Keith Olbermann is returning on Tuesday night according to the Salon. There are lots of rumors about why Keith was treated differently than Joe Scarborough who did the same thing. There are issues about the Comcast takeover, the new CEO and net neutrality wafting around the Internet tubes. Not sure how it all plays out. Ezra Klein gives his opinion here.


I guess I’ve vacillated between appreciating and admiring Obama’s “civilized” behavior with the opposition. But frankly, I’m inclined to “call a spade a spade”. I suppose that is no shock is it? I am continually tired of so many of our leaders being “politically correct” and side-stepping the truth. So I was might glad to hear Michael Bloomberg say this:

“If you look at the U.S., you look at who we are electing to Congress, to the Senate, they can’t read,” he told the newspaper while in Hong Kong attending a summit.

“I’ll bet you a bunch of these people don’t have passports. We’re about to start a trade war with China if we’re not careful here — only because nobody knows where China is.”

You can appreciate how angry the far right it. They put it all down to elitism of course, but Bloomberg has said the truth. These folks are simplistic and have little or no understanding of political realities. They will be giving the GOP fits, that we can be sure of.


Funniest tweet I saw yesterday, was Sarah (there are corpses more intelligent than her) Palin promising to give her opinion on Bernanke’s decision to buy up 600 billion in long-term treasury securities. She inferred that it was printing money out of thin air. Yes folks, and tomorrow I’ll give you a run down on the intricacies of high-particle physics  at the Hadron facility as regards the Boson particle. If you don’t believe me, here’s the tweet:


Two things I’m getting really upset about. One is that there is a strong likelihood that Obama is gonna cave on letting the Bush tax cuts expire for the rich. Every poll I’ve seen suggests that the voters are in favor of this, so I have no clue why he is doing it. But I’m thinking he is gonna do it.

Second, there is increasing rumor that DADT is going to be cut from the appropriations bill. We understand that Levin and John (No Honor Here) McCain are working to do just that. Utterly disgusting if it happens. It’s insane because even polled Republicans come out in favor of killing DADT.


Oh, a post at Walking in the Shadows is available for your perusal. And we will be bringing you a first installment in our new series: “What IS going on in (state). Stay tuned.