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Well, now. We’ve had a few days to digest the *blech* election, *hic*. There is always, if you search diligently, humor to be found.

Florida, home of the “hanging chad” comes back into the running for stooopidest state in the country. We’ve already established that Iowa comes in there pretty high, but, I dunno, Florida may be the winner.

The dude that won the governorship was CEO over a company that took Medicare and Medicaid for record fraudulent claims. Record fines. So the dude is a criminal. And the fine octogenarian and sun-soaked and pickled minds there decided that was just the ticket for them. Sure, go ahead. Turn over all your hard-earned taxes to a thief. I mean irony? Do you think?

Meanwhile, Mitch (the Turtle) McConnell is doing the chicken walk, struttin’ his stuff and talking about job ONE is not gettin you one, but ousting the dark one from the White House. In other words, politics as usual. Mitchy of course says it’s about doin’ the people’s will. If the Chief will condescend to repeal everything he has done and then do everything the Repukelikins want, why things will be just fine.

Meanwhile, John (the Orange) Boehner is choking up, quite literally. I mean he did everything but break into big sobs at how such a poor boy had come so far. Except, well, he does that about once a year just for fun. He started sobbing when he unveiled the Reagan something or other for goodness sake. Poor boy, who spends all his time in the tanning salon and golfing. Yeah, he learned whose trough to swill from didn’t he?

And then there is Sarah (where’s the money?) Palin. She has concluded that she and she alone is the direct and cause of the GOP windfall. How she knows that–well we should trust her. I guess she forgot that a few of her “choices” chose to absent themselves when she came to town. And some of her stellar picks went down in flames–the craziest ones mostly. She claims Toomey as hers, yet I suspect in anything she pulled Toomey down and gave Sestak a better chance. My analysis is as valid as hers–just opinion.

Seen her new video? Oh yeah, just strings of her usual drivel, “takin’ back America,” shakin’ things up,” “common sense conservatism,” and then a nice grizzly howling at the moon. Yeah, Sarah is running and boy it’s gonna be a hoot when the fur starts to fly. (no mixed metaphor there folks)

What I love is that she brooks no opposition. When some GOP regulars suggested that some of the health care law need not be revoked, but was actually good, she raised on her haunches and growled that there would be none of THAT. None of that compromise, no sirree!


I saw some results on who polled best. If I read it right, USAToday/ABC did the best and Rasmussen and Foxy Noise the really worst. No big surprise there. Gallup was lousy though too, and that was a surprise. Pew was alright too as I recall.


Oh, I just packaged 35 3/4 lbs of deer meat. Ground and packaged and in the freezer. Lota meat. Lota work. But worth it. Stuff is great in chili and added to meatloaf and tacos and stuff like that. Takes seasoning well, hearty flavor, too dry for hamburgers though. We grind it all.


As I understand it, the brunt of the damage was to BlueDog Dems, and frankly, I say good riddance. They kept the Dems from having a filibuster-proof majority again and again in the Senate. Given the Rethuglian intransigence, it amounted to voting with them, which they did often enough anyway. Frankly, I bet that those Dems who ran away from health care and stimulus spending fared worse than those who stood up and defended doing what they felt was right. Correct me if I’m wrong.

My advice to the Dems? Yeah, I know, who am I? But anyway, I’m saying that everything that comes out of their mouth should include the word jobs. All legislation should have jobs in the title. Let the GOPers say no all they want, because voters will only remember that the Right rejected jobs bills.


Julian Sanchez has a point about American Exceptionalism. Why do we need to think we are better than everyone else? Perhaps because for those of us who are essentially powerless and feel inadequate, it’s the best way to get free “power” just by being born here. Interesting thought. And we wonder why we are so often thought of as the Ugly American. Come to think of it, I suspect a whole lot of the rest of the world kinda laughs out loud now at our pretentious airs. And they are probably pretty right to do so.


It’s been a long day already. Gear up for the weekend!