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Before we start, just remember this post come 2012, and if things go as I say, I’d say I was due payment (gold is acceptable) as a profound pundit. K, so remember that.

I’ve not posted a good deal about Sarah (that woman is an idiot) Palin lately. A few days ago, we (I love the royal we, don’t you?) reported on a CBS poll that had her favorables at an exciting 22%. That’s pretty sucky.

It’s hard to know exactly where that comes from, there is so much to draw on. Could it be that grating whiny voice? or the blatant  attempt to skirt the truth about important things and things of no importance? Her mangling of the English language? Her total reliance on sexy phrases that mean NOTHING? You pick.

Cases in point–Sarah has resurrected her “death panel” diatribe of late. Everyone knows it’s nonsense, but she relies on a cadre of know-nothings and they don’t know, so it works for her tiny band of sillies.  And just the other day, in Alabama I believe, she made this lovely turn of truth: Sarah claims she was talkin’ to Bristol, and she up and said, “Gee Bristol, how ’bout Dad and I packin’ the kids into the motor home and driving down there to the show and seeing you dance? And ya know what? We did.”

Except that the DWTS studio is some 3300+ miles away, and she was spotted in Wasilla two days before the show, and she was also seen at the airport coming into LA. But it sounds good doncha think? Being a regular mom, like the folks? That’s our Sarah.

Now, much ado has been made about whether Sarah will run in 2012 or not. I was initially agin’ the idea, thinking her greed for the good life would way overcome her greed for the limelight. And don’t mistake limelight for power. Sarah gets bored with actually doin’ the job, but she likes the perks–AirForce 1, the copter, the WH, the limos. Seductive. The actual mounds of reading? Not so much.

But like I said, that limelight stuff is C-duc-Tive. The crowds of fawning sweats-wearing men and women of Merika have been soooo well, fawning. I mean, it can turn a girl’s head ya know. And after she has had a 4-year term, if she can manage not to quit after two, why there will be more books, and more speechifying tours, and more idiotic candidates to back to further ruin the GOP.

So I can see why she might go for it. In fact I think she will, figuring that that 22% favorable is merely a concoction of the lamestream media and all. Her Rasmussen folks tell her different, as well as all the sycophants who hope to ride the gravy train on to another exciting adventure.

What of the GOP? Now that’s where my crystal ball really heats up.

One would think that they would find the idea abhorrent. If the recent Bloomberg poll is correct, Obama will beat her by a 16-point margin. But, there is a method to my madness.

I think that that is what some in the GOP are banking on. 

Follow along now.

What has Sarah done so far?

She has managed to get nominated a whole bunch of lunatics, most of which cannot be elected, even when the general voting population really doesn’t like the Democratic opponent. This has caused all sorts of troubles to the GOP, including having them argue among themselves whether they will back, support, or fund such delights as Christine “the witch” O’Donnell and Sharron, “we might have to get our guns” Angle. Joe Miller wants to kill Social security, unemployment benefits, and medicare and Medicaid. These are not winning tactics.

The GOP knows this, but attempts to distance themselves from Sarah’s band of angry only engenders threats that they will can their sorry butts as well. So what to do?

Let, nay, encourage the Palinator to run in 2012, knowing full well she will be chewed up and spit out. This accomplishes a couple of things. First, it purges the Wasilla wacko from the ranks of power in the party. She’s toast, she’s so yesterday. She can still tool around the country speaking to smaller and smaller groups of women and men who still have the hots for her, and nobody will care.

Second, perhaps a few of the down-ticketed nut jobs will get elected by clinging to her panties. Perhaps. But they are now leaderless, and most easy to control. In fact the entire teabagger zoo is manageable, something they were always intended  to be in the first place.

Once upon a time a small group led by Dick  “the dick” Cheney and George Shultz, sat down and decided that they could groom a backward kind of doofus Bush kid who had a wacky “born again” following. They could make him their own, and dance him around to do their bidding. And they did, and he did.

So it ain’t so farfetched to think that a similar band of neo-cons can reason that their Sarah has gone rogue on them, and their teabagger know-nothings have as well. By sacrificing four years, they can solve a lot of problems.

I can see that kind of reasoning among the evil kids.

Whatcha think?