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It’s Friday! I don’t know why that matters to a retired person, but old habits as they say. What exactly do they say? I was never sure.

Anyways, I have a new post up at 1000ShittyThings. Women will relate, men will figure it’s better than staring at the boring papers in that folder on their desks or playing another game of hearts.

It’s a good day cuz Liu Xiaobo was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, and the Chinese are suitably pissed at that. If you don’t know who Liu is, think Tiananmen Square and you will have a good start.


I’ve read War and Peace and Anna Karenina. I enjoyed them both. I’d not call myself a Tolstoy fan exactly, but I love the big burly novel that often goes on generationally. After reading this review of Tolstoy’s short novella, The Kreutner Sonata I’m hungry for more. It’s also increasingly obvious to me that I need to read he and his wife’s diaries. Tolstoy seems to be in the news these days.

He said this:

 ‘Women are people with sexual organs over their hearts.’

Think on that a while.


There is that time, usually on a Sunday afternoon, when a nap is contemplated, and we lie in reverie. The world is good, connected, and oneness fills our being. Okay. That would be the moment to spend some time thinking deeply on what Nathan Schneider has to say about Truth-ing Mythology at Killing the Buddha. If you dare. Cool people will.


Speaking of Nobel prizes, the one in physics went to two physicists (no shock there!) who have developed the new wonder substance, Graphene. Now I don’t know graphene from spaphrene, but apparently this stuff is amazing. Only an atom in thickness, it is stronger than steel and conducts electricity better than anything we have so far. Michio Kaku, popular physicist, thinks it’s the wonder toy of the 21st century. So go find out more–investors should be ready to reap rewards. Don’t think plastics Mrs. Robinson, think electronics!


Helen has something to say, and you need to go read that! Nobody says it better than Helen and Margaret.


Jacob Weisberg just adores Sarah, our dear Sarah, cuz she just gives us oodles of funny verbatim nonsense to relate to you.

 “What I think she could add to that even is to explain what the real witchcraft and voodoo politics and economics is, and that’s what’s going on in D.C. And that’s why she’s determined to get to D.C., to write some laws and get some truth in Washington D.C. so that our economy can get roaring back to life.” (in reference to her new gal pal, Christine O”Donnell)

And so look for more Palinisms with Jacob on his Twitter page.