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A new post at Walking in the Shadows today. Be there or be square as they say. It’s entitled: Who Do You Say I Am?

The Plague, instead of Pledge is not my invention, instead comes from a Twitter post yesterday. There is so much negative ink (literal or figurative) being spilt over the GOPer’s silly new manifesto that I shall not bore you. Heck some if it comes from the right-wing itself. It’s so much warmed over spit from the Contract with American foisted upon the US by Newt the Salamander. And they been working for months on it!

Dusty can point you to some actual facts about how insidiously stupid this thing is. Please do stop over and get the facts.

I don’t know if you know this but Mauigirl is one astute thinker. She’s written a great post on the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert rallies coming up on October 30. I’d love to attend, but I can’t, but tons of my friends are and she explains why it’s important for you too to go–either to Washington or to a satellite rally if you can find one.  What’s important here, is that this is not a rally of progressives. It’s a rally for all of us who are sick and tired of business as usual. Unlike the TeaBaggers, we have some political savvy, we understand that freedom for all comes at a price. But we are damn tired of supporting these political professionals in their life-time jobs.

Jill at Brilliant at Breakfast kinda sums up this November’s race as alternately, “we suck less” or “we suck but they are crazy.” Pretty much true wouldn’t you say? I know it’s not a lot of incentive, but crazy people are kinda unpredictable, and that should get you moving to the door and to the polls in and of itself.  

Ahab has Part V of his series on attending the Values Voter Summit last week. He has some great analysis of the speakers and one’s you need to be aware of. Two of the three I profiled on my post about the VVS last week. You need to read what these nut cases actually said.

What you get when your SCOTUS declares that corporations are people and are allowed to give and give and give to political campaigns is what we now are seeing–all kinds of bogus “organizations” who are funding negative ads all over the country, following their own private agenda. Fake interest groups now dominate money wise the political scene, stumping overwhelmingly for the GOP ( I heard something like 28 million to 4 million for the Democrats).

On a personal note, there is an anti-gay national group that is peppering our airways with ads to vote out the members of the Iowa Supreme Court for finding the marriage provision in Iowa law unconstitutional. They claim they “we” Iowans are dis-served by legislative judges who upset the will of the people. Of course the judges are doing what has been established since Marbury v. Madison, that is, passing on the constitutionality of legislation. No doubt you are getting such ads too regarding your hot button issues in your state.