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As long as I live, I’ll never understand storms. I try to reason with them, use every bit of logic my grey matter contains. I’ve tried prayers, I’ve tried entertainment (if you can dance to get rain you should be able to sit one out to end it), and I’ve tried humor.

Nothing works.

So, seeing as though I was in between two storms this morning, I sailed (actually drove) off to get some groceries before the next one arrived.  I succeeded.

The darkening sky is still about the same shade of dark and the storm occasionally burps a rumble or two and then I guess returns to a snooze. You see, according to the meteorologists (those fake weather experts we’ve talked about before), a storm is “parking” over Iowa.

Why it should do this is inexplicable. We are not noted for exceptional scenery. No ocean beaches, no high mountain peaks, no rippling desert sands. We are decidedly ordinary as states go in the viewing category. I don’t recall seeing a single “observation point” anywhere I’ve been here.

So no clue why any weather would choose to “park” here. I wish it wouldn’t, for I’m well stocked up on water, thank you so much. Mud, I’ve even got a reasonable amount of that from the last water giver. I have electricity, so no need for lightening, and I my hearing is fine so I don’t need thunder therapy.

But, given that I was told it would, I prepared (was a girl scout ya know and we also like to be “prepared”). I got some groceries, just in case. And besides, the Contrarian kept asking me, “are you sure we don’t have any brownies? I’m really in the mood for one.”

Course, I make brownies, but heck, we’ve been married eleven years now, and that’s about ten and a half past when I would jump up and go make some just cuz he exhibited a hankering for one. So I got him some store made ones. Yeah, it’s come to that. Same with pudding–“They got that in the dairy section, bud, look for it there.”

Which is not to say that I don’t feed my man properly. I mean I surely do. I made some wicked pasta with fresh parsley, fresh garlic, and Parmesan cheese that you use a grater with, not that you shake out of a cardboard container! I just yesterday made a delicious soup, all from scratch mind ya. Delicious, his word, not mine. *smirk*

So, let’s not be suggesting that I’m too lazy to bake. No, I’m not that.

Which just gave me an idea for a post tomorrow–on food. I also said I would post a piece on Billy Kristol (not the actor, but the neo-con). I don’t think I can combine the two, so you’ll have to see which side of my skull wins out for tomorrow.


We all sit impatiently to find out if the behind-the-times Senate will finally vote to outlaw DADT in the military. Dems have put GOPers in box here, by tagging it to an appropriations bill. But I don’t mind the chicanery given that the GOP has threatened filibuster on everything for more than a year. Time to take your medicine Turtle McConnell. [Sadly the Republicans went against the public’s desires, and blocked the entire legislation. Shame on them all.]

I’d say more mean things about Christine O’Donnell, but really it’s like clubbing baby seals.

A book you may want to take a look at by Joe Bageant, Rainbow Pie: A Redneck Memoir. He suggests that there is a white underclass numbering in the 60 millions who have been the bedrock of doing the countries dirty work for years–going back to the Civil War certainly. This explains in some part, how the GOP has managed to co-op this group and get them to do their bidding, voting for a GOP agenda that is diametrically against their own interests.

The Contrarian got under his truck about three hours ago, to do some manly thing to the clutch. Manly men, use clutches you see, women figure if God had wanted women to use a clutch, he would have provided a third foot. Anyway, it’s just barely starting to rain outside. And I hear this: “I coulda got caught out in it babe–I mean lying on my back and all, I coulda drowned.” You see what I contend with here? You doubt my sanity?

Would someone please tell me why the other day was “talk like a pirate” day? I stared at pictures of Johnny Depp in his gear as a substitute. I figured it was fair.

I read today that there are 100,000 confirmed to attend the Rally to Restore Sanity already on Facebook. There is a fine article from the folks at Big Think on Stewart’s increasing political punch as well as comedy’s impact in general.  

In closing, let me say this. John McCain once said that as far as DADT was concerned he thought it should be left up to the generals. They have spoken, the Sect’y of Defense, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, and two former Chairmen. McCain now of course does everything in his power to block it. Why? Because he is a mean-hearted poor loser who always tries to destroy those who legitimately beat him. What a sad and utterly dishonorable old man.