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First for housekeeping: There is a new post over at Walking in the Shadows, should you be so inclined. I’m not sure yet how I’m going to operate this blog vis-a-vis this one. I’m still working it out in my little old head.

Of more consequence, please take a look-see at a new blog Republic of Gilead. Ahab, the writer, left a comment on yesterday’s post about the Values Voter Summit. He went as an infiltrator. I’ve added him to my reader, and he promises to keep watch at the goings on of the religious right. We seem to pretty much look to the same sources, but he’ll make my job a whole lot easier no doubt, and he has a nice looking and reading blog.

I saw Colin Powell and President Bill Clinton on Meet the Press. Powell excoriated the “chatter” from the far right that went beyond legitimate criticism of the President. “Let’s get this straight. The President was born in America, he is a Christian.” Both he and Clinton however saved their worst for Newt (the Slime) Gingrich: Clinton said:

Gingrich does this sort of thing from time to time. (Clinton alluded to similar treatment of he and Hillary during his years.) Newt is running for office. He likes to do this kind of thing and stir things up. It’s his shtick. He knows better, he’s an intelligent person.

This is serious paraphrasing on my part, since I can’t locate any transcripts yet (MSNBC doesn’t have them up yet), but the gist is correct. Powell also said that such attacks are inappropriate. “Attack him on policy, not on stuff like this,” he said.

In other words, Newt, you are an irrelevant SOB and go sit down and shaddup.

Meanwhile (you can’t beat that word for a segue can ya?) Sarah forewent the VVS and paid the price coming in #5 in the “who we want to be prez” vote, and spoke in IOWA last night. I only got a snippet, but it seemed the Moosalini was kinda threatening. Kinda like, “estab GOP, you best do as I say or mama is gonna send my grizzlies against ya.” It was I assume a rather not so veiled finger wagging at Karl (the dough meister and soon to be irrelevant) Rove and perhaps at other more establishment types.

Perky Palin as in “PAY lin,” may just be astute  enough (a word she probably doesn’t know), to realize that she is unelectable but she can sure be the power broker and thus amass more $$ to her personal vault in WaSiLLA. Just a shot in the dark on my part.

Speakin’ of which: Palinator’s baby clone, Christine has continued the ways of most of the really wacko right teabaggers–refuse to be questioned! She cancelled stops at Face the Nation and Fox, apparently not ready to, answer a thing.  Foxy will no doubt set her straight – “we made ya baby!”

The Contrarian came up with an interesting scenario. If the GOP nominates an utter wacko (ala Palin or one of her generated clones) might Bloomberg enter the race as a third-party candidate? And if Colin Powell, another centrist, should join him? Well I’d have to think long and hard about NOT voting for them. At least I would have to seriously investigate a lot of written positional material. What think you?

Am I wrong to think that Billy Kristol may be getting a bit nervous? Between Iraq and Sarah, I’m thinking perhaps a lynch mob might start forming outside his residence? I may do a piece on the neo-con wonder boy next week. Stay tuned.

Well, enough today. I’ve added, subtracted, and otherwise cleaned up a few of the blogroll entries. Too many to name but take a look and if you have been around a while and you’re not there, let me know. I tried to add all my new friends, but invariably will miss someone!