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Dung beetles, ah, a favorite subject of mine. Fascinating creatures don’t you think? Belonging to the superfamily of scarabaeoidea.

Some are known as “rollers” for they roll bits of dung to their nests for food for their little ones. Good parents doncha think? Others are knows as “dwellers” for they simply love dung so much they live in the midst of a good dump of it. Ah, romantic  isn’t it?

They mostly eat dung produced by herbivores but they aren’t particular, and will eat that produced by omnivores. They find dung, by the tried and true method of  smell. Now we kinda figured that didn’t we. After all, even we human types can discern a good manure pile at ten paces.

Sometimes, dung beetles fight over an especially fragrant bit of dung. And they are strong as it relates to dung, moving sometimes fifty times their own weight in pooh.

Dung beetles provide a nice service. By eating up and secreting all that shit, they make the world a healthier place for the rest of us. As they say, somebody has gotta do it. I’m glad they volunteered.

In Egypt, the think highly of the dung beetle. In Karnak there is a statue to one.

Newt (the salamander) Gingrich said some really awful things about the president. He said you had to be a Kenyan to even understand him. He says that Obama is abnormal, unreasonable, immoderate, partisan, opaque and not accommodating. He is deliberately dishonest and hoodwinked Americans into thinking he was the opposite of who he really is. He claims he is a con artist.

If you don’t believe me, go read it for yourself.

Newt isn’t running for anything of course. He’s just tellin’ it like it is. For our own good. He isn’t trying to hoodwink anyone. He’s clearly bipartisan. His three marriages prove his moderate, normal view of life.

Another GOPer, Teresa Collett proudly proclaims that she and her fellow GOPer’s will “shut down the country until they have repealed Obamacare.” Yep, don’t fund troops in Afghanistan, deny Medicaid and Medicare payments, to say nothing of Social Security to the elderly. Let our infrastructure collapse around us, whatever it takes. In the name of doing what’s best for Merika. Yessiree Bob. Take yer medicine kiddies. I know it tastes bad, but trust me, we have your best interests at heart. Yes, believe you me, we surely do.

Ricky Santorum, voted out of office in PA, in 2006, now blames JFK for the country’s decent into secularism when he stated that he would not be governed by Rome. Then he took a swipe at the WWII generation, chiding them (most of whom are now dead) for failing to respond to Germany and Japan until Pearl Harbor. But we can rest assured, should we elect Ricky that he will be on guard against Islamofascism and all sectarian dangers such as again, that dastardly socialist, French looking health care reform. Just vote for him, trust him. He says you should. Yes, indeed.

I don’t know about you, but when Sarah (that woman is an idiot) Palin, speaks, I listen and raptly, for these jewels of wisdom don’t come along often in life.

We’ve had a busy time getting to travel around the United States and share the message of really the reform in this country that we need. The reform it’s not a fundamental transformation of America that some would want to instill upon us but it is a restoration of America and the values that we hold so dear.

I just get all goose pimply when Sarah chooses to “instill upon us” in her folksy, meandering, buzzy wordy, not makin’ too much sense kinda way. And she did mention 9/11 once, and there was a billboard behind her that flashed lots of pictures of 9/11 I’m told. These ramblings were in Wasilla. Later she went on to the money-maker event in Anchorage where she and Beckamania charged money on this day of Remembrance to fund their political agenda.

So you can see, it was only natural, thinking of all these fine GOPers, that I would naturally think of what best represented them. As they say, if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, well, damn, it must be–a DUNG BEETLE.

Go at it you GOPers! climb that pooh pile, and fight over who gets the biggest tastiest bite of shit. You’re all shit heads, and shit bodies, rolling and sleeping, and playing in it.

I just wonder, how the heck did the Egyptians predict ya more than 3,000 years ago? But I have it on good authority that if you go to Karnak, sure enuf, your shitty names are inscribed right on the statue, down at the base, in the back. It’s just in hieroglyphics is all.