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I figured that if we knew from day one that life would be as tough as it is, there would be a huge uptick in the suicide rate among seven-year-olds. Thankfully the little darlins’ are protected from the awful truth.

I’m thinking of holding a contest to name the number of days we have waited since the inception of our brake problems until the fix date. Winner gets what’s left of my sanity. New date for “it’s done” is now tomorrow. I ain’t takin’ bets I tell ya.

Oh, since nobody seems to have come upon it, there is a new post on 1000 Shitty Things. It’s not half bad, so take a look if you are looking for a bit of giggle in your day.

As the cartoon suggests, I’ve been spending considerably more time on Twitter lately, and trying to be a better Facebooker.  There is always a price to be paid, given that God begrudgingly won’t extend the number of hours in a day. I’m doing my best. I continue to stay pretty current with what most of you are saying, although my comments are few. Our server was down for six-hours plus yesterday and that explains the lack of posting.

Twitter has actually become a favorite with me. Mostly due to the retweet device which brings me  just tons of new and interesting tweeters through my friends. I ran into this one guy that is hysterical. Goes by the moniker Jesus_M_Christ. You can probably find him in a search. Yesterday he said something along the lines: “I flirted with atheism for a while, like all boys, I too rebelled for a time against my Dad.” He says amusing stuff like that daily.

 I’ve been reading the usual political nonsense, as no doubt you have. More and more, I find the American “voter” a study in utter stupidity. As one would expect, as time has gone by, little by little the tide has turned and now more people think the GOP has a better solution for our economic woes. Quite a feat when they have proposed zero, done nothing, and only moan about the good old days when the rich got the breaks and the rest of us paid. It’s magic I  guess. Or it shows beyond any doubt that voters base their “opinions” on star dust and on reading tea leaves.

Which only goes to beg the question as to why so many of us bother to engage in this art? of political commentary. We are a voice crying in the wilderness of arid minds it seems. Yet we labor on. Except in our case, we may indeed by more worthy to tie the shoes of the average politician than they are. Did  you get the metaphor?

There are not many Margaret and Helen posts these days, but they are always a gem. Do go and have a laugh, and of course, hear the truth as only they can give it.

Just heard this lovely quote on Keith Olbermann regarding a Beck follower:

I just love Glenn Beck. He’s explaining to us all the real American history they didn’t bother to teach us in school.

Choice is yours: laugh hysterically at how anyone could be so stupid, or weep copiously at what passes for knowledge in this land of waving grains of wheat. (I think copious is a grand word don’t you?)

I have to admit the truth (treat this as a confession of sin omnmipotens Deus) that Vanity Fair, just makes me get all squishy and excited. I love their brand of bitchy biting commentary on just about anyone and anything. They are doin’ the Palin! Oh yeah, don’t miss this dishin’ of the dirt from the masters of New Yorky arrogant, sophisticated, ‘oh no you dint!’ kinda schtick.  Worth the price of admission (oh, we are free aren’t we? Whatever, go read it and enjoy).

We had a troll the other day who added his two cents about the wonders of Beck and his “reclaiming our honor” garbage. Apparently Stevie was unaware of TV and that you don’t have to be physically present at an event to know what happened there. He suggested that my question about Beck’s receptivity among Christians was questionable given his Mormonism, was somehow inappropriate. In the small case that Steve is not back asleep under his bridge, I offer this from the Evangelical world. Apparently their concerns about Beck are deep.

I don’t know quite what to make about this next entry. A drunk Yahweh? or drunk Hebrew Testamental writers? Either suggests that, well it suggests SOMETHING. Coming from Biblical Archaeology, it can’t be dismissed as simply nonsense can it? Apparently ancient Israelites were swillers of the beer. Yep. I didn’t say it. I just report it. Make of it what you will.  And before OKJimm can say it, I will, “I’ll drink to that!”

Well, there is lots more in the news, but I’ve read it all, and there is nothing else you need know at the moment. Trust me. You do don’t you? Signing off to go and fix Taco Salad for dinner. Ain’t that man lucky to have me?

And who said: “I’m wearing my push-up bra today. I want to get my way.”