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Some days I wake up and taste the morning sunshine with my tongue.

Okay, that was pretty figurative, but I’ve learned to test the waters before I open my eyes fully.

Most days, as thoughts begin to stream into my consciousness (damn consciousness!), I decide I would prefer to remain unknowing.

Yesterday proved to be a lousy day. Not like you get to choose much.

We got big car problems. The brakes are out. Break in the line apparently. That lane running will do that to ya.

That is scheduled for a fix up on Monday. The Contrarian will have to attend the surgery, though he is not partial to a lot of blood. The reason? We have no other operating vehicle. It’s just up the way in Troy, so at least he’s among friends.

Of more concern is some behaviors that suggest the transmission is aching. Again, that lane business no doubt. It has eaten nearly every vehicle over the years. The Contrarian hopes it is more “linkage” than actual transmission, which would be a big sight cheaper. We just got done spending a cool $250 to replace the back window and that pretty much exhausts this month’s “fun cash.” Yeah, fun is right.

Bill, our mechanic, doesn’t “do” transmissions. Hopefully he can at least give us an idea. We haven’t made any further plans yet. Let’s just hope the old Bronco limps to the garage and gets her stopping capabilities shorn up. Then worry about the other I guess.

Just a thought God. You might want to ask those still in the womb what their preference is here. I don’t recall asking to be born. And there are days, when I wonder exactly what is so hot about all this existence stuff. Not meaning to say I wanna leave soon or anything. As long as I’m here, I’d like time to find, ya know, HAPPINESS once in a freakin’ while!

And thanks for all the kind comments yesterday. I was snarky as heck I know. And now you know why. Just a general state of “why should I give a good flying f**k about anything!”

The “Mosque” is all the rage these days, and we’ve provided plenty of linkage, so I won’t bore you with the usual and ongoing round of he said, she said. But there is a great little article in Vanity Fair by Amitava Kumar, which gives a different perspective worthy of your read. As always, the comments are worth their weight in gold.

Funny where you find enlightenment. Take Mexico for instance. Land of Catholicism? Yes, one would assume so, yet, with nary a whimper the entire country is now a place where gays can freely marry. It applies to all the states of the nation, and has been upheld by their Supreme Court. The funny thing is that the Mayor is suing a Cardinal for defamation when the Cardinal claims that the Mayor bribed the Supreme Court into upholding gay marriage and adoption. Interesting place that Mexico.

Killing the Buddha has an amusing and unusual take on Anne Rice’s decision to “quit the Catholic Church and Christianity in general” all the while still believing in and following Jesus. Written by a Catholic, it has some strangely compelling reasoning.

One of the gauges I use to determine my own daily sanity is whether I’ve stopped to think about what’s going on with Kate Gosselin, her troop of eight, and her about to be ex. The answer is nope, haven’t thought of the woman in the past several months. I’M SANE. Next.

Don’t hold you breath. It’s not likely to happen. Foxy Propaganda will not soon be lettin’ go of the logo, “Fair and Balanced” EVEN THOUGH THROUGH THEIR CORPORATE PARENT, NEWS CORP, THEY HAVE DONATED $1 MILLION DOLLARS TO THE REPUBLICAN GOVERNORS ASSOCIATION.  Spokesmen for Foxy say it will not interfere with their news gathering techniques one whit. Well buffooneries, we don’t much care about your news gathering. Rather it’s your INTERPRETING techniques that could bear some work. As I said, don’t hold your breath on this one.

D-Cap has a nice post on conversations on “national topics. You know, the ” we need to have a national conversation on abortion.” Except we never do, and if we did, the nuts who only listen to Fox wouldn’t listen to anybody from the left, and the left wouldn’t listen to anybody from the right, and well, you get the idea. We do need the conversation, but the only people who would show up are the two polarized sides and all they would do is yell.

K, I gots a lotz of other thingies to do. Enjoy.

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