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And you thought I lived in rural Iowa! HA!

Well, I do drop in now and then, mostly to rub elbows with the little people and remember what it’s like to be poor. Humbles me you know.

Mostly, more and more that is, I live here. In my mansion, in Hawaii. Where it is sunny more than 300 days a year, and warm. Most especially warm.

I thought about other places that seem nice. Like South Carolina along the coast. Or Southern California. Even Seattle on occasion. But they all have problems. Sometimes they are natural like earthquakes, or too much rain. Sometimes it’s just their atrocious politics.

It’s perfect here in my Hawaii. Everyone here is happy and agreeable. Everyone smiles and says hello. We all like each other our politicians only care about the common good of us Hawaiians. It’s idyllic. Some would even say Utopian, but that might be going too far. Perhaps not.

Let me give you a tour.

This is my beautiful gourmet kitchen. I make gorgeous perfect meals here daily.

I spare no expense, getting the freshest of ingredients and have all the latest cookware.

Though you can’t see it, I have a pantry to die for, which also houses my laundry room, complete with counters and drawers.

I do most of the cooking as I said, but the housekeeper is also adept at cuisine, and she takes over when I am too lazy. After all, the maid does most of the housework.

And this is our great room. It’s perfect for lazy relaxing when we are tired of hanging out in the sun beneath the palms or walking along our beach.

Off the camera is a huge disguised big screen TV where we can watch movies almost as good as at a theatre.

Truly, it’s hard to keep your eyes on the screen with such views though.

This is just one little corner of the library. I love it, don’t you?

I read so much, and love curling up on those very rare days when we have rain.

The light you can see, is from the windows that run across the opposite wall. They look out on the back pool and garden area.

You can see past the pool to the Zen meditation garden replete with a very large stone Buddha. It is serene indeed.

Imagine waking up in this lovely bed every morning. I do!

The view sets my heart singing I can tell you, and I bounce out of bed ready for my morning swim.

The bed has some sort of magic mattress that makes you feel like you are floating. It’s just too comfy that sometimes I want to luxuriate a bit.

But, there is so much to do and see, you can’t bear to stay in bed for long!

After a long day on our sailboat, we like to kick back and really soak in our gorgeous tub.

Full of all those nice jets, warm nicely scented, a girl can really work out all those kinks from ordering the boat crew around all day.

Of course we often have a personal masseuse stop over and really work those kinks out! It’s so delightful it’s hard not to fall asleep.

Time is precious and I am awfully busy hear what with all the entertaining we do, but I try to find time to sneak off to my lovely crafting room.

Although there is little call for sweaters in this paradise, I do like to quilt and make jewelry.

It’s also great for gift wrapping and, well making those special place cards for dinner guests.

And what kind of guest would I be if I didn’t make a little something for the hostess?

I do it here, and always have a most enjoyable time.

Everything has a place and that’s the way I like it.

Come, lets take a small look outside to see some other things.

I am in my pool every single morning without fail. I just love it.

It’s always warm, even early in the morning, just as the sun is coming up.

I usually have my breakfast out here, it’s just so peaceful with the birds.

We often have small parties here, everyone loves to barbecue!

And speaking of barbecue!

Nothing could be better than a potluck dinner outside on the patio!

Friends bring some salads and desserts and we put on the rib-eyes and fish.

With perfect temps, we never have to bring it indoors due to weather!

The Contrarian is quite a chef when it comes to the barbecue. Everyone begs for his fall off the bone ribs I tell ya!

And here of course is my meditation area that I spoke of. Isn’t the Buddha wonderful?

Who could not come to the “now” in a setting like this?

A few minutes here every day, and I can live in serene quiet the entire day.

Not that there is a thing here to stress me, all is sublime beauty and peace.

Of course there is much more to show you, but there are other days! I hope you have enjoyed the tour, and you’re most welcome to come any time. The door is always open.

Excuse me, but I think I hear the jet revving up on the hill. Time to depart for our Pacific hideaway! Sorry all you mainlanders. I’ll be back in Iowa soon, but today, I needs be off to wiggle my toes in the sand and sip a Mimosa.

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