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Of the 4,272 things wrong with the Tea Party movement, thing #235 is most egregious I suspect.

It is the fact that individual “members” actually think that they are part of some grassroots movement and that this proves that they  are smart enough, should be in charge of public policy.

It is so well documented that the “movement” is not grass roots but rather the concoction of corporate America aided and abetted by political power grabbers, as to need no further linkage here.

However, that doesn’t stop high school educated housewives and mechanics in sleepy hollows across Merika from scratching and musing: “yeah, let’s get up and picket that gov’mint thing over thar!” Soon, somebody has started a coffee klatch and next thing ya know, a block club is forming, and voila`, another “tea party” offshoot is born.

Then of course, they start decidin’ what grinds them. What they don’t like, and first off is taxes, and then not have’n no “God in our schools no more.” Actually most of these folks don’t go to church, but they remain mum and nod at the two or three that do. What the heck. Who cares anyway?

Then of course, things turn to whose to blame. And we got yer Muslims and their strange ways, definitely suspicious. Then we got them wetbacks from Mexico, with their dirty drugs. Yeah.

Oh yeah, about those taxes thing. Somebody suggests maybe the banks are to blame. And they are, so we shouldn’t bail them out, so the gov’mint is to blame for doing so, but more than half of Merika now has forgotten that Bush did that. Most think it’s that BLACK president.

Hey, isn’t there talk that he is not really Merikan? More like Muslim and from Africa? Yeah, that’s why he’s siding with the banks and the auto industry.

You can see, they are pretty much not the most logical well-read people in the world. Closer to some of the worst. Yet, they are hitchin’ up their pants, struttin’ their junk, and thinkin’ themselves mighty powerful. “Listen to ME!” they chime.

So it stands to reason, that given that they have no real clue about much of anything, that they would be agin’ net neutrality. I mean the gov’mint is FOR it, so they should be AGIN’ it, right? I mean they are logical aren’t they? Sure they are.

I bet if you asked, not a one of them could define what net neutrality means.

And I’m not guessin’ here folks. A bunch of those tea party groups got together and sent a letter to the FCC  and demonstrated quite clearly that they are stupid beyond belief. “Too much gov’mint power,” they wail, and worse, “it’s an affront to free speech and free markets.”

Yes, as we used to say in the day, I KID YOU NOT. The letter will be bronzed and kept for all time as proof perfect that the MASSES of redneck, racist, etc, etc, etc, NASCAR, beer-swilling nitwits of working Merika, are beyond idiotic, they are screaming meemies insane.

Net Neutrality has as its sole purpose the very things they claim to want: Protection of freedom of speech and a fair and level playing field for all voices, theirs included. They of course fail to see this, since they are essentially incapable of hearing a rational explanation of anything and actually digesting it. They can only knee-jerk react to anything the gov’mint proposes is by definition, wrong.

However, of course, should they be in power, it is precisely through gov’mint that they will take away everyone’s freedoms and rights by imposing their interpretation of right and wrong on everyone else. There will be no freedom of worship, only freedom to worship as a Christian, and by the only allowable dogma of the born again backward thinking illiterates.

There is but one alternative theory, and that is that the tea partiers envision a world in which they are in charge, and thus, they are happy to suppress the liberal voice on the Internet in favor of only those voices that proceed in lockstep behind the wacko right agenda.

In either case, they are living in a world of their own creation.

The buffoons in corporate America and their lackeys Armey, Rove, Hannity, Beck, Kyl, etc., may someday come to rue the day they opened Pandora’s box and unleashed the great illiterate angry mob of pissed off Merika. They may find this dog has turned to bite them as well as the rest of us.

If you listen to the likes of Angle, who says we just might have to take up our 2nd amendment rights in order to have our way, then we may discover, that much to the dismay and shock of the Hagee-oriented “Christian” community, Armageddon is gonna be right here in the US of A.

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