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Hopin’ the day so far is finding you alive, and relatively content. It’s a rainin’ here. No news in that. Not a lot, but with the humidity being 100% making it feel AWFUL, I decided to not try the food gathering trip today.

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Enuf said.

You may have heard that the sun has recently gotten riled up about something. Probably something Mercury said–that little planet is hot as hell and always whispering into the sun’s ear. In any case, sol got a bitch on and sent out a nice big cosmic flare which will be entering earth’s upper atmosphere.

The key word is atmosphere. Without it, the sun’s pissiness would fry us. As it is, it provides a delightful free show for those in northern climes. It’s hard to see the northern sky here, what with the danged trees. One has to look nearly straight up to see the sky, but, I’ll take a look as best I can and see if anything can be seen tonight.

I came across a really good post on the teaparty movement. As usual, the right wingheads are trying to make much ado about nothing over the journo-list. One on that list gives some background to the general “the sky is falling” tactics of the teabagger promoters. Be very sure that this is no “grassroots” movement, but one highly orchestrated by the corporate and political world in order to get the masses of dupes to do their bidding. Yesterday we posted a link to a review of the 60’s leftist movement and how it was wrecked by the Right. This is the same Right, as Lindsay points out.

Lindsay also has a good post on the proposed Islamic center in the vicinity of Ground Zero. I am in complete agreement. I am simply appalled at the rhetoric being unleashed. The hatred is open and ugly. First of all, plenty of Muslims died in 911. Second, the vast majority of Muslims hold no truck with fundamentalist Islam. Third the anti-Muslim talk dribbling from the mouths of fundamentalist Christianity is diametrically in opposition to their constant chant of “freedom of religion.” Do these intellectually challenged bigots EVER see the parallel between themselves and the  ffundamentalist jihadists they so fervently hate? FUNDAMENTALISM IS FUNDAMENTALISM!

Also see Moe at Whatever Works, for more links and comments on this sick affair.

Slate has a delicious article on atheism. Mostly I loved it because it agreed with my position, (which was not original with me I can assure you) that fundamentalists and atheists have so much more in common than they think. Atheists, are just as guilty of asserting as true what they in fact can only speculate about. To the point: Atheists assert that all that is not understandable yet will be some day, because they think it will be. No proof my dear skeptics. The article suggests that a defensible position can only be agnosticism of which I would heartily agree. Read and see what you believe. In the end, believers and unbelievers alike merely CHOOSE to believe one or the other.

The New Republic has a review of a new book that investigates the search for mathematical infinity. Sounds like it might be a most  spell-binding book to take a look at. Full of the history of the chase. A case of when mysticism triumphs over science.

Sharron (that woman is more of an idiot than Sarah) Angle has well, gone and done it again. Said something so STUPID that you half way want to believe that a talking dog has been discovered. I mean a human said this! And her lap dog Foxy Propaganda which was the supposed point of her chat, actually showed the clip, proving that for all their protestations, they basically are doing as she asked.

What? She told journo-not Carl Cameron, that she “needed the press to be her friend.” Cameron kinda laughs, all the while no doubt thinking, “damn girl, don’t give us away.” Here I quote her verbatim:

. . .we wanted [journalists] to ask the questions we want to answer so that they report the news the way we want it to be reported. And when I get on a show and I say send me money to SharronAngle.com, so that your listeners will know that if they want to support me they need to go to SharronAngle.com.”

The gist is that Sharron wants the media to be glorified stenos for her “message” which is more or less send money to me. Of course Fox, dunderheads and willing stooges, did just that, airing the clip. Other outlets showed a string of similar “interviews” with friendlies wherein Ms. Sharron re-entreated again and again to “send me $25 to SharronAngle.com.” Too funny. This woman is  a joke.

No doubt you have heard of the Sarah (that woman is an idiot) Palin’s Grizzly Mamas video. Progagandee at Urantia Sojourn has a nice take on it and a very good link to Adrianna Huffington’s post on the same subject. Well worth the read.

Until we meet again!

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