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Oh yeah, *bounce* *bounce* doin’ the happy dance. Not a pretty sight, so don’t watch. The MAN is doing another Pirates movie! Scheduled for release next summer.

Filming in Maui. Oh to walk the sacred sands upon which his royal feet have tred.

I do get a bit worked up heh? Fair’s fair. The Contrarian gets just as giddy over Halle, what’s her name. I could name others. The Contrarian is fickle. I’m of course loyal to Depp.

Okay, back to some semblance of decorum. Um, I put up 21 packages of corn from the garden this morning. Making a grand total of 39. Should hold us well for the year.

The Contrarian went into town and got the back window ordered and a new fan belt installed. Oh such fun times. I’d like to go shopping tomorrow, but I doubt the weather is going to allow that. Raining tonight. We’ve had a few light showers today, nothing to talk about.

If you met somebody famous, (like Johnny Depp!), what is the first thoughtful question you would ask them? Would it depend on who they were? Politician versus actor, versus athlete, versus theologian? I think I would most want to know what is the last book they read. What were they currently reading. That would be mine.

I guess it’s good? to know that we are not alone. Prime Minister Netanyahu wants to deport migrant workers (mostly children) in Israel who have lived their entire lives there and speak Hebrew as their native tongue. Can’t have resources devoted to non-Israelis he claims. I’m sure the teabaggers around the old US of Racism will be holding up this banner in defense of their bigotry.

In Character has a rather thought provoking piece on Obama, entitled Does He Feel Our Pain? What does the empathic president mean in the face of all the woes that beset the nation. A long read, but an absorbing one.

Dingbats Kyl of Arizona and Lindsay Graham of South Carolina are reputedly in favor of starting the process in Congress to repeal the 14th Amendment. I believe the collective IQ of the GOP now stands at a -5. More on this tomorrow after I’ve had time to research this a bit. If they mean the entire 1st section, than much more is at stake than their bigoted (I’m so scared of losing my election that I’m peeing my pants) desire to screw the new it’s okay to beat up on group: immigrants. Twas only three years ago that Graham was in favor of enacting a pathway to citizenship for those here without legal status. Now he wants to strip their American born children of the same and ship them off to what to the kids are but foreign countries. So much for the usual guts to stand on principle, but hell, principle has never stood in any Republicans way it seems.

A good one at Grumpy Lion, a new site I just came across. It’s entitled Why Humans Won’t Get Global Warming. Go read it.

Enufs kiddos. See ya tomarra.

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