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You know, I’m all for technology. For the most part. By and large. As long as it suits my purposes.

Do they ever bother to ask me? Before they “upgrade” something? In a word. NO!

And since I am the CONSUMER, you would think my opinion might count. Does it? NO!

Okay, I could be referring to a hundred things I know, but I’m only referring to one at the moment.

Google! What are you thinking? Why can’t you leave chit alone?

Been to Google Images lately? Well, I’m there several times a day sometimes, finding the right picture that captures my senses. Well, guess what. They decided to CHANGE it. Used to be I got the requisite 25 pics or so, and then the ability to go to page 2 and so forth.

Not any more. I get my 25 pics, and NO MORE. Is that insane? And I don’t get the size under the pic any more, no I gotta hover over the pic to get that. And no more getting the pic alone. NO! I gotta get the website it came from.

Nobody asked me. I don’t want all that stuff. Why can’t they freakin’ leave chit alone? I check my e-mail every day, more than once. They never ASKED me what I thought. Idiots!

Anybody who has been around this joint for a goodly while has read a couple of my posts on Madison Avenue and the uber insanity of that institution. Their job is to create ads that make me drool, and whimper that I cannot live without some product. They get paid much moola for this.

Why they get paid a dime, I have no clue, because they generally generate the opposite effect. I vow after watching one of their commercials, never ever ever to buy the product in question.


Holiday Inn Express has an ad that says if I stay there I can be “myself.” Why I can be myself there they do not tell me. They imply of course that at other cheapy hotels, I cannot be myself. They do not tell me why that is either.

Moreover, they show me utterly dorky people who are apparently being “themselves.” Either they think that I too am a dork or that I will enjoy spending the night with dorks. Neither is true. I will never stay at a Holiday Inn Express for that reason. Hope they paid a lot of money for their ad. It sucks.

Soooo. How’s your day goin’? Mine is goin’ fairly peachy. A bit humid still but they claim a cold front is comin’ on through. That will be a relief. So, let’s straighten our bibs and see what is goin’ on around the intertubes.

Oh before I forget, another posting at 1000 Shitty Things. It’s a pretty good one, if I do say so. So mosey on over via the link at the menu up top. I probably should have made 1000ST’s a page instead of a new website for your convenience, but I didn’t not think of that at the time. So as I said, bookmark or enter into your reader so you don’t miss any installments. And do leave suggestions for other shitty things if you wish. I’ll use any that I can come up with some good fun with.

Lizbeth Hasselbeck, perennial loser in the lib-con debates on The View, has stuck her uber conservative foot in mouth once again. Last week she was causing Shirley Sherrod to roll her eyes as her silly questions (GOP’ers think that charging racism from “any venue” is a good defense to their being charged with racism. They never get the clue that their tactic is the best evidence of the charge against them, but never mind). Her latest sillism is that older women become gay because their aren’t enough available men in their age range. Yeah.  Hey bimbo, you are clueless dear. Video attached.

Highbrow alert! The New Atlantis has a provocative article on poets and scientists. Reviewing a new book called, The Age of Wonder: How the Romantic Generation Discovered the Beauty and the Terror of Science, by Richard Holmes. The art is worth the trip alone. For the culturally hungry.

Newt “Slippery” Gingrich gets on my last nerve. His latest attack against the planned mosque near Ground Zero is so filled with illogical nonsense as to be nearly unintelligible.  Joe Klein says you can tell when Newty is running for President. He gets angrier and stupider. That would seem born out. And the comments are just dessert!

We have this thing in Iowa called Rag Brai. I think I’m spelling it right. It’s a bicycle tour from west to east, the Missouri to the Mississippi. We have that noted trivia item. Our west and east boundaries are actually coasts, like Florida, except they are rivers not oceans.

The Contrarian hates Rag Brai. He hates bicycles. Well not bicycles per se. But bicycles on roads that cars drive on. He does not hate tractors on roads cars drive on. This is not explained. Tractors are just as slow, have to be gotten around and so forth. One is okay and the other not. Contrarians are contrary about explaining why sometimes.

Each year the organizers construct a different route. The bicyclers stop in various small towns along the way which is good for them, those that sell things that is. One year, not too many ago, it came through Troy Mills. The Contrarian refused to leave the land. “Can’t even go to the Troy Store for milk,” he harrumphed. He’s like that.

About the most exciting thing that happens during Rag Brai is that some poor soul dies along the way. I don’t know if they carry the body along the rest of the way or not. It would seem fitting to get it to it’s destination.

And no, I have no idea why it’s called Rag Brai. I may have at one point, but I forgot. It’s useless information unlikely to appear on Jeopardy as an answer. So I discarded that gem. I leave the accumulation of unnecessary and useless information to the Contrarian.

So, having, as it were, given you a bunch of mostly useless information, I’ve done my duty for the day, and am OFF. Tootles.

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