I’m oddly euphoric today. I have no idea why. It could be that I have dinner already done. A big tuna pasta salad and rolls. Gonna be a scorcher today. Cold food. No oven.

So I feel light and airy. But it could be that I’ve released the last of my “obligations” today. No more obsessing about weather for me.

I was obsessing you know. And I don’t like that feeling one bit. I have better things to do with my brains.

Spooky serendipity kinda stuff keeps happening. I’m reading Albert Camus’s “ The Rebel.” It’s kinda a tough read for me, but it makes me think a lot. So, I’m also reading some old Anglican Theological Journals, and I’m currently reading an article on James Cone, black theologian and black liberation theology writer. He mentioned that Camus’s Rebel figured in his thinking. How weird is that. One now informs the other.

I keep thinking that the Republicans are definitely fruitcake nutty. I mean if they wanna write a book called “How to influence everybody to hate your guts” I’m thinking nobody could do it better.

Some years ago, you see, I realized a very important fact. Most of the world ain’t white. By a long shot. Sooner or later, I figured, all those disparate groups, yellow, brown and black, will join forces and well, you can see the troubles ahead. I figured it was time to tread softly and throw away the stick. Time to TALK and make nice?

No Republican seems to have thought of that. They have managed to alienate black folk, brown folk, the majority of women, working people everywhere. They no doubt will say something nasty about slant eyes and write off a few billion more. So far they only like Jews and that seems more because the Jews must stand in the breach at the End Times. Most of them will die as unconverted. So I figure Jews mostly don’t think too highly of them either.

Ben Stein is a Republican. And he pissed off all the working folks in this nation by telling them that from his lofty point of view, most of the chronically unemployed are so because they are lousy workers or have crappy personalities.

It won’t be long though before the GOP will have done us all a great service. All we need do is collect their GOP registration lists and we know who needs psychiatric commitments. Truly, they are nuts.

I know that a lot of Republicans now call themselves independents. But that’s just cover. Ever have somebody sanctimoniously tell you that “I don’t vote for a party but for the person.” Yeah, I’ve heard that a lot. The truth is, that once in a blue moon they vote for someone from the “other” party. I do too, once in a blue moon. That makes me a Democrat who won’t vote for a slug who carries the D when there is someone better who just happens to be an R.

But, I might have to rethink that. Given the spinning head syndrome that is now the GOP. No sane person, as I said would admit to being one. How does one explain being in a party with the likes of Michelle (Spinner eye) Bachmann, Sarah (that woman is an idiot) Palin, Glenn (weepy) Beck, and all the rest?

I don’t know if I mentioned this, but the pope has written a children’s book. Odd, doncha think? On it’s face? Creepy kinda, given the “troubles”? Well, worse than creepy is that it’s something called, Jesus and His Friends. Don’t quote me exactly but, and here’s the rub, JESUS HAD NO WOMEN FRIENDS.  Yep. It appears that the pope and his boy’s club pretty much hate women.

They equate them with pedophiles when it comes to sinfulness, if they should attempt ordination. They are conducting witch hunts throughout Merika of all the women’s religious orders. Not the men’s mind you, just the women.  Yep, they pretty much hate women.

They must have the same disease as the GOP. What we have here son, is a failure to see REALITY.

I wonder if the Vatican has a clue why people leave it? Beyond being theologically still locked in medieval Europe that is? I mean they don’t think much of women, nor gays, nor respectful dissent. Where do they think those people are going? Not in the pews on Sunday.

Perhaps they are also affiliated with Madison Avenue. They are another group of moronic other reality dwellers. Always spinning out commercials that make me hate the product they are pushing. Always. Except for a few. A very few. And those are mostly funny. The really eco-friendly ones are always offered by manufacturing polluters. Ever notice that? Pretty pictures. Like we don’t get that they are the POLLUTERS.

Just some observations.

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