Sometimes life seems like a tightrope. We just try to keep in balance and not fall off.

I spent most of the night sitting in the dark watching the storms move through our meadow. I decided it was no longer profitable to obsess about the weather and whether I can get in or out.

Mother nature tends to turn a deaf ear to me. I guess she has better things to do. We are “mudded” in and will be for a good week, assuming we get no more rain. Rain is predicted for four days next week, so that is unlikely. We got at minimum another three inches last night.

Bear is scared of thunder. Brandy sleeps right on through. The boy cats run for cover with each clap. Our girl cat, Kate, walks unconcernedly by as I squeak out a yelp as one snaps right before my very eyes. Go figure.

Let go and let God. I’m not so very good at that. I like to control things, manipulate them. It makes me feel secure. Intellectually, of course, I know there is no such thing as security. But I try for it anyway. It’s this alien ego person who thinks they are me. They worry about all kinds of things. Like Martha. I’m more a Martha than a Mary, though I fashion myself a Mary.

So, we are back here in the meadow and will be for some time. We appear to have used our surge protector last night. It’s toast today. Done it’s job. Thankfully, some rewiring and we have phone and obviously computer again. Would be a bit bleak without the old computer. So, one counts one’s blessings. Count, count, count. Don’t count the yuck crap. Don’t see if the scales balance.

Balance is good, but not between blessings and curses. I’m not happy with balance there. So I don’t wanna add it all up.

I’ve been working on background wall paper for the blog. I think what is up now is still too dark. I’m still looking for the right one. I have plenty of time, so I should succeed.

You may note a new item on the menu. 1000 Shitty Things? It’s meant to be a spoof or parody on the famous one. It’s a new website and if you double click it will take you there. I’ll do the first entry sometime today.

Please don’t think it’s some downer thing. It’s meant to be amusing and a place where you can relate to the “life’s little foibles” that we all endure. Hopefully it will put your day in perspective, and you can at say, “at least THAT didn’t happen to me today.” Share your recall of when it did if you like.

I’ll post as I come up with a cute one that I can frame with some humor. As I said, I’m optimistic that I can think of a thousand. 😛

So bookmark it or insert in your reader. I don’t expect to post every day on it, as I said. So be on the lookout!

Hope you are drier than I am! Onward soldier! Ew, I hate military jargon. The Contrarian loves to quote the Duke: “Lace ’em up tight, soldier!”

Okay, so I’m wandering. I’m light-headed, being unburdened of all this care of the weather. It affects me concentration. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

Balance people, balance!

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