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Well, it’s Friday and as promised we are sticking to good news today. And the first good news is that the awful humidity (in the 80’s humidity wise with temps around 95) broke the next day and Thursday and today are ever so much better. Hope you are doing as well. This is vintage July weather and most welcome.

Good news that the oil spill appears to be capped for the time being. At least we can breathe a sigh of relief and turn our thoughts to the massive cleanup that will be required over perhaps decades. But at least the ugly gushing is no more and we can but pray that it stays that way.

First let me say that I am collecting good things throughout the week and so you may have already seen one or more of these depending on the blogs you follow. That said.

We have two lovely entries from Jan at Yearning for God. She shows us the Great Buddha statue in Kamakura, Japan. Imagine standing at the foot of this!

The other is a marvelous quote she included that has stayed with me as so very wise. The quote is Ann Quinlan, and the link is here. (Worth it to see a beautifully modern edge bookcase.

“I would be most content if my children grew up to be the kind of people who think decorating consists mostly of building enough bookshelves.”

One might have thought that Western Civilization was a stake in the recent hoopdedoo about Lebron James move from Cleveland to Miami. Amidst the schizophrenic entries, I thought this one rather amusing: Zombies Plague Florida as LeBron Fever Spreads. This brought to you by SPN Headlines.

Our own dear OKJimm calls for calendar reform as only he can do it. If you missed it, oh please don’t miss it. If you are blue because of the calendar before you, then join in and change it to something more palatable. G’wan, you know you want to.

Jay Leno loves pics with animals reduced to embarrassment at the funny ideas of their allegedly superior owners. I thought this one was too funny. I Can Have Cheeseburger of course.

Dating tips anyone? VodkaandgroundBeef has the skinny on how to woo an Indian stud. You can judge how successfully it will work. Me, I have always found Indian men sexy. Women not so much. It’s the hetero thing in me no doubt. This goes back to my love affair with tennis stars. Armritraj brothers? Anyone remember?

Just had to throw this one in from Wounded Bird. If you are having trouble deciphering what it says, pull gently the corners of your eyes.

And excuse me, but I couldn’t pass up this. I actually said this last night when we heard the news. Dick Cheney has no pulse. He really is Darth Vadar. I mean how creepy is that? Thanks to Zaius Nation.

Since I’m always reading some sort of biblical studies text, I always peruse The Bible and Interpretation for interesting articles. There is a nice one on Bethsaida, so prominent in NT writings. Archaeological finds produce a picture of what life was like there during the time of Jesus. A lovely read. Enjoy.

I can’t help it, but the following headline just tickled me:

Oxygen therapy slows mouse wrinkles

I figured I could mention it to any “friends” the cats brought in, but I’m at a loss how to alert the rest of the mousy population who mostly lives in the greater out of doors. Perhaps little signs? I’m not sure where they can find a hyperbaric chamber. Scientists say they don’t think the findings are useful to humans. I’m glad that Japanese tax payers are thus footing the bill on this one.

That should be enough to keep your neurons firing. Happy weekend!

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