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Nobody can complain like I can. I’m a pro. I might even be a winner in a contest of complaining. Whether it be people, events, government, religion, weather, sports, anything at all, I can find reason to complain. I’m just good. What can I say.

However, I am also prone to depression. And complaining either feeds it, or is produced by it, or goes hat in hand with it. All of which are not helpful.

Which doesn’t mean I’m abandoning the very point of much that goes on here. No, not at all. Part of me finds ranting delicious and I would never deny myself such pleasure. And there are plenty of things that need ranting about.

But, as Aristotle says, moderation, moderation, moderation. Well, perhaps he didn’t say it, but he certainly meant it, by declaring that in every human endeavor there was excess and paucity, and somewhere in the middle was the way one should go. Having lived a pretty long time now, I can say that I think he is right. Oddly William James in discussing religious fervor suggests much the same. But, let me not digress.

It’s Friday, the last day in the work week for most, which signals fun and relaxation are on the horizon. So I figured, perhaps one day a week ought to be devoted to sending you on your weekend with some smiles and laughter, and some inspiration.  So experimentally at least, we will be doing a standard Friday fare called “An Island in the Storm.”

Hopefully, it will set a tone for the weekend and you might find a thing or two to save and refer to during the week when things get really busy, crappy, or otherwise anxiety provoking. Let me know what you think after a few weeks.


We are all hopefully trying to be more authentic, more who we are. Yet, we all of us, suffer I think to some extent with “comfort addiction,” that stuck in place feeling that keeps us at a job we don’t like, in a house we don’t want, in friendships that no longer nurture, etc. Lisa Haisha has some ideas about how to break that addiction in Overcome you Comfort Addiction.

Need more help? Being a visionary helps. Ilana Donna Arazie has some advice here to help you increase your visionary mode of being, and thus become the real you.

Just a reminder. Ringo Starr just turned 70 and he is still rockin’ and looks maaarrrvelllous! He asks that we think of peace as a birthday present to him. A good idea any day I think.

Looking for a good read? BookSelling This Week, offers you it’s August picks. Browse the synopses and find something for the hammock.

You can never read too many recipes. Pioneer Woman has some great ones, and the pictures are so luscious you can almost eat them. You’ll find something to make up this weekend to nibble on for sure. Something called Black Forest Truffle Ice Box Tart caught my eye.

As folks get older they often like the idea of simplifying their lives. Reducing the stuff one must carry on to a new home usually is a huge motivator. Here are some tips from Zen Habits.

If you are in need of some outright laughter, then follow the link and see some hysterically funny bad architectural designs. Like staircases to the ceiling? Somebody goofed!

Or watch some very clever crows on Nat Geo do their thing.

In celebration of summer, Huff Po brings you photos of the geekiest bikinis they could find. If ugly fashion continues to grip ya, they can also show you the most outrageous Haute Couture around.

Have a good one!

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