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I don’t know about you, but opening my reader each day is like opening a Christmas present. I hope for something fantastic, and am usually happily rewarded. Here and there I get a piece of coal-a day where nobody is saying anything interesting to me.

But that seldom happens, and on a glorious day such as today with the sun shining brightly, the birds singing with exuberance, and the breeze so gentle as a adolescent kiss, I open it with anticipation.

Let’s see what we find!

I heard about this days ago. Mostly it was about the open mike and the audience members who made fun of  Sarah (that woman is an idiot) Palinator’s lack of ummm intelligence? But, speaking to a California college assembly (why in God’s earth would anyone invite her?), she gaffed as only our Sarah could. Sarah has a penchant for hiring old high school buds (equally stupid as herself, which goes without saying. Apparently one is her FACT checker.

The lunacy continues with Rand Paul refusing to answer how old the earth is. By refusing of course, he admits that he is crazy as a mop head. Rand, my man, we don’t care if you are off by even a few million  years, reasonable minds may differ. But if you refuse, we suspect you are off by a few billion, and that my dizzy friend makes you a no brainer. Unless of course you are merely trying to fake your way into gaining support from people you don’t really agree with. Sorta like you faked a board certification?

I’m feeling a trip to Washington as in DC is in order. Those GOP senators who are “interrogating” Elena Kagan must be in need of more bullets to shoot themselves in the foot. The constant barrage of “Justice Thurgood Marshall was not a proper judge” at Kagan who clerked for him, is suicidal at best. Well, a worst it is still suicidal. Apparently there will be a sign at all future voting booths–only white people can vote for Republicans. All else, vote for the Dems. I will take that as a good thing.

Temptation! Yikes. We all face it, whether it be food, drugs, booze, men, women, gambling. Whatever the thing that calls to you, beckons with seductive winking, luring you into danger, well we all face it or them. Balance in Me has some good ideas for meeting and beating your temptations.

Enjoy the day and see ya!

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