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I mean really! I keep waiting patiently (THAT word again!) for the punch line. I just know it’s all gonna turn out to be one big whoppin’ joke.

I mean really. You know what I mean. It can’t be that rational people, can be this stupid, this vapidly insane can it?

The Republican party looks like a version of the Keystone Cops. Are they passing information via smoke signals on top of their BMW’s or something?

Get on the same page will ya?

I recently read a post (yesterday is recently yes?) wherein the writer mentioned that some of those fundie sites warn their readers (it’s a wonder they can read, I know) that meditation and yoga are devilishly inspired. In other words, that voice in your head tellin’ to love everyone is really the Satanic One leadin’ you astray into the nether world of  love? when what? Christians should be about war?

And Joe Barton is apologizing to BP because they were “shook down” by agreeing to pay $20 billion + for all the freakin’ damage they admittedly made. And he was but echoing what Bachmann and Haley Barber and some of the other fools in the party had already said.

But suddenly, Joe sayin’ it, well it was too much. And suddenly everybody was retracting and saying they never said it, and cutting and parsing, and pasting like video tape is still a thought in some Star Trek vision for the future.

What is most astounding in all this is that the powers that be in the party (according to Joe Scarborough, that would be Fox News), continue to think that most Rethugs are high wire walkers.

And guess what? They aren’t. Most of ’em can’t manage to keep their balance on mother earth on a beam a foot wide.

I mean, we are horrified that BP did this, and sure they should pay, but not at the hands of Obama who is black and whom we hate, so their paying is bad, unless, somehow, they pay through us, the good guys.

Try balancing on that! Oh, and surely not a soul will look at who is getting the most money from oil companies!

Turning to immigration, we got one side bemoaning that the Latinos are wreaking havoc on white Merika and destroying our way of life, while the other side says, hey you know we stand for famblies right? The way YOU define them? We define them the same. We are both against abortion in any form, hate gay icky stuff, so VOTE FOR US.

Is this demented or what?

Turning to unemployment we get the same old thing. Rethugs tell us that we must make corporations strong, that’s how a good economy runs. But runs for whom? So far it seems to run only for the obscenely wealthy. But we are for the working man, and want to create jobs, but if you don’t have one, well, we don’t want you to draw unemployment FOREVER lest you get too comfortable and grow to like it. Yeah, getting 30% of your normal wage is sure enticing!

I repeat, is this demented?

Or, frankly are these people deeply in the hands of the EVIL ONE? i am thinkin’ that just maybe they are.

It would explain all the shootin’ in the foot behavior we continue to see. I mean I expect G. Gordon Liddy to talk about Obama destroying the American standard of exceptionalism. He is a nut. He is  incredible, uncreditable, and discreditable.

Rushy Limpbaugh now, he is touted by some (no doubt possessed persons themselves) to be a leader of the party. And he says the same darn thing.  These fools are not afraid to speak aloud their private arrogance in Merika still being the last best bastion of freedom. DO YOU THINK THIS PLAYS WELL ANYWHERE BUT AMONG YOUR TROGLYDYTE MINIONS? LIKE ANYONE WHO LIVES IN ANY FOREIGN COUNTRY? ARE YOU AN IDIOT? Well, I guess I needn’t have said that. That is obvious.

It’s as obvious as Sarah (that woman is an idiot) offering to help Obama out with all her expertise with oil companies. Miss quitter yeah, oh do enlighten us with your wisdoms little lady. Give us some of that advicey stuff  you’re so good at missy.

It’s as obvious as Steven King telling us that Obama just has the predisposition to choose blacks over whites. And that he was profiled by a cab driver who saw him in a suit and figured he wanted a ride. Nothing bad about that stuff. Is your head spinnin’ fast enough yet?

Oh and Beck, let us not forget the Bonkers Boy. As someone else said, he has this belief that he can write two things on a blackboard and draw an arrow between then, and voila’, he has made a connection. Squirrelly stuff here. Sane people just look on dumbfoundedly.

Seriously, you gotta try Glenn once. I mean it will just make yuou sit with your eyes bugged out and your jaw opened wider than you thought possible as he weaves a web of intrigue and conspiracy fit for any inmate in any asylum in the US of AmERiCa. When did media become so rich they could afford such utter whhhaaaaa? to be perpetrated upon the public?

It’s like. Think of the most idiotic commercial you have ever seen. Plenty to choose from. Now think. Some body, or worse yet, bodies sat in a room with suits on, and were paid mucho buckeroos, and sipped coffee, and looked out upon a fine business skyline, and nodded mind you. Yes nodded ASSENT to paying millions to hopefully sell more of their product via this ad. Blows you away doesn’t it?

Now think of the tens of millions of so-called human beings who actually voted into office, or turn on their tubes every day to witness the words falling out of the mouths of these IDIOTS.

Now you see my point. It’s possession I tell you. Has to be. A good nation wide exorcism is in order. Do it. And do it quickly, for it may soon be too late.

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