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Take it from me, the Contrarian is a firm firm believer in this adage. You get my drift? You have been warned!

Okay, so it was supposed to rain all day Father’s Day, so you can bet your bippy that it rained nary a drop. Not a drop.

How many fine picnics were not had I have not the number, but I bet the weather people in Cedar Rapids are staying under cover for now.

I had otherwise a lazy day when I returned from church, reading some blogs but not feeling like writing. I noted a few to include today, actually some with significance.

I know this is rare, so hold onto your seats. A few folks wrote of things and did it better than I could. Yeah, I know. Hard to believe isn’t it? As the Contrarian is wont to say, “I made a mistake, then discovered sometime later than I was mistaken.”

Anyhow, I thought these posts were especially noteworthy, so I hope you might drop by and read them in full.

Mompriest talks about yesterday’s gospel reading and proves why she is a priest and I’m not. It’s so thoughtful and provoking and touching all at the same time. I hope you stop by.

D-Cup tells us all about what it takes to be a tea partier. Written with raw wit and so much truthiness it makes your nod while laughing. Don’t miss it.

In a posting on heroism and sacrifice, Tobias Haller, BSG outdoes himself, in a writing entitled The Difference of One.

Something I found so excellent, though it’s short, is from Jan at Yearning for God. Hint: It’s about bookcases. And I just loved it.

Backed to the reality of politics:

Joe. My. God has a rundown of the Texas GOP platform for this year. It’s about as hate-filled as you can get. The teabagger influence is apparent. The bright light here is that it’s hard to find two tea baggers who agree on much. I suspect that is why generally they aren’t doing well in general elections and will continue to fail. As long as they are led by their most rabid, which seems the case, they will continually fail to win votes from the middle.

I was kinda off baking for a while but have started up again, (I made bread sticks today for our spaghetti dinner). And I’ve been thinking a lot about desserts again. I was going to make Ree Drummond’s Malted Milk Chocolate Chip cookies tomorrow, but now, I’m thinking I may have to make these first. Coconut and Lime has S’mores Cookies. (I don’t think I have linked to Ree’s cookies, but I have the recipe and can e-mail it to anyone who wants it.)

Michael Bayly over at Wild Reed has a good post on the latest issue of Tikkum which features a number of articles on homosexuality. Tikkum is a Jewish religious magazine.  We carry it at our church and I’ll be looking for it tomorrow when I go in for a meeting.

Enuf for now!

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