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The weather is a bit strange these days. Par for the course in the spring. Unless you live somewhere sane, which I don’t. Sane places are ones like Hawaii and Tahiti, and well, you get the idea right?

Places that freakin’ don’t change! Warm, sunny and that is all. Rain during the night as needed. I haf to talk to God about that. If the fundies are right and he created it by design, then heck I got some really good suggestions for the next one.

Warm, sunny. Got that?

But then, I’ve been told that I should be thankful I have a planet, and to shut up.

So, here’s what I think you should be reading today. How’s that for arrogance?

Michelle Bachmann has been pallin’ around with terrorists. Yep. So has the rest of the crazy GOP (Grown Over Putzes). It’s got to do with their favor(eye)T ChrisTan rock bands applauds Muslims as “at least they are upholding the law” by killing homosexuals. Do some folks not know enough to stop breathing?

They are eatin’ their own, they are eatin’ their own! Just gets me all gushy inside thinking about it. Carly Fiorini didn’t think it enough to catclaw Boxer’s hairdo, she also committed a mortal sin by dissin’ the Hannity!  I have pretty much concluded that all Rethuglian women politicians constitute a third sex, they soitinly ain’t in mine. Yuck Yuck.

I kid you not! The new glue is sticky rice! And you thought it was only for eatin’. How very pedestrian of you!

They’re eating their own! They’re eating their own! Oh I said that already. Teabaggers gonna be mucho pissed off at Rand Paul. He said no to accepting campaign contributions from any senator who had participated in the bank bail outs. Liar, liar pants on fire. Dang, the rarefied air of candidacy seems to make liars of them all. For shame for shame as Goober used to say.

My thinking on Bobby Jindal: “Obama clean up my state!” “I don’t want any stimulus!” “Taxpayers, clean up my state!” “Drill baby drill!” “Give us money to clean up our state!” “Don’t stop drilling!” Is it schizophrenic or what?

Okay, it’s a slow day. Stay cool.

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