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Rained all morning and haven’t seen the sun yet. Gosh I just hate that! Decidedly chilly but fixin’ to change tomorrow.

Direct TV had a nation-wide systems failure this morning. After a frantic call “My remote won’t work!” We were advised it was not us, but them. The Contrarian took to his bed, literally, mumbling “it must be a terrorist attack!”

Worse, it was stuck on Foxy Noise, which would have driven us both mad no later than 9 pm for sure. (the Contrarian justifies turning on this idiocy because he “needs to scout out the enemy”).

Anyways, here’s a few things I ran across today:

James McGrath has a funny take on the beatitudes from a college prof’s door at Butler. Cute and funny. Go see.

Oh, in case you didn’t check out the top 10 books from yesterday,there was a great embedded link to another free book download. In this case its called PlanetEBook. Always fun to read for free. Also check out www.reference.com for references? and http://thinkexist.com for great quotations. Also biblestudytools for concordances and dictionaries and such. That should keep ya busy, and out of trouble.

Fred at neoorthodoxology directs us to Marcus Borgs new site. I stuck that baby right into my reader!

No word on how the religious right views Rushie Limphead serial marrying. Hard to champion a dude who discards wives with such regularity I would think. I’m thinking Jesus rather frowned on the practice. I mean, I don’t condemn him for it, but one would think the “family values” folks would be wouldn’t they? The same could be said of their other “champion of right wingy stuff: Newt (LIE) Gingrich.

I just love folks who are compassionate. The state’s treasurer of Arizona is concerned about the homelessness possibilities of his state’s immigrant population. So, he wants to create suitable housing for them. Isn’t that nice? Fearing that said immigrants will be arrested in droves when the new law takes effect, he’s afraid of the lost opportunity to keep them all neat and tidy and in one place in the local jails. So he proposes a “tent” city. He got the idea from Joe Arpaio,  sheriff from Phoenix who does that regularly. They both heard that the Haitians are just loving their tent cities and thought what the heck! Fencing is de rigueur, we are told. Oh did I forget? The dude is running for uummmm Governor.

I love unintended consequences some times. A New Zealand writer tells how reading Dawkins changed him from an atheist to a agnostic. Atheists he claims are too much like religion. An interesting read.

Start looking for Morgan Freeman’s new show called Through the Wormhole on the Science station. I think it starts this week.

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