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It’s a nice day here in the meadow. Sun is shining. We are getting more rain than we need or want these days. The weather predicting has gotten down to rolling dice, reading tea leaves, or consulting astrologers. And that’s the “professionals” I’m talking about.

All about is alive with growth however, corn is up nearly hip high, so we shall more than likely have corn for the 4th. That’s about as early as it gets. Second crop is knee high already.

So, here’s what I’ve been reading!

I dare say, this kind of nonsense continues to make me wanna hit something. The decision to allow the building of a mosque near “Ground Zero” has brought out the crazies once again. It’s getting all so tiresome. The usual wacko right.

I don’t know about you, but the thought that anybody would marry Rushy Limpbaugh just makes me shudder and get queazy and well, it’s not pretty. And what was Elton John thinking in agreeing to perform? But then he took him for a cool mil so maybe that makes it okay. Crooks and Liars has their take on E’s taking on the gig.

In the face of all this misery and ugliness, Deepak Chopra offers us some good advice on how not to worry and fret all the time. We change nothing by doing so, and we harm ourselves.

Some food for thought about revisionist history which seems to be going on everywhere these days.

Atticus at StateofMindz gives us his 10 must read classics. Do you agree? What would your ten be?

Is there a state big enough to dump all the American misfits we can well do without? I’m beginning to think not. See what is going on in Arizona now over a school wall mural. Unspeakable bigotry. Naw, it’s not about racism, course not.

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