What’s Up? 06/02/10

It’s another gorgeous day in the meadow. Alas I remain indoors, afraid to step out and be assaulted by the bug that bites me and leaves me itching for a week.

In ten years I’ve never been able to see a bug on my skin, and thereafter find that as the site of intense itching. I assume it is a mosquito, but never feel any bite from the critter and thus have no clue. But  a full week of itching ensues.

I’ve tried every manner of itch cream and calomine lotion I can find. Nothing works but temporarily. I am fine, and then brush against it and it flares up again. I cannot locate my OFF and so am indoors until I can get to the store tomorrow. Then it’s full coverage from head to foot for all of June. By July it seems whatever it is moves on.

Feeling sorry for me? Good! That makes me feel better.


A good editorial from the NYTimes on Sister Margaret McBride, excommunicated for signing off on an abortion in Phoenix. All those pedophile priests of course were NEVER excommunicated.

I confess to not knowing as much as I should about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This set of essays I think help us to work our way through a complicated history. Thanks of course to 3quarksdaily. (Do you think I’m over using this site or what?)

Just me, but since BP has asked for any suggestions in plugging that leak? I’d skip the tennis balls and tires, and send down some Rethugs ( I have a whole list I could give them of unnecessary air-users up top here). All that hot air might do the trick ya know. Just sayin’. It’s the patriotic thing to do doncha think? And the GOP prides itself on being patriotic.

Scientific American has a fascinating post on Michaelangelo and the Sistene Chapel. Seems that the great artist and renaissance man was quite the anatomist, and left some fine illustrations buried in the ceiling painting. Such work is now being described by Ian Suk and Raphael Tamargo, both experts in the field of neuroanatomy from Johns Hopkins. Some interesting speculation as to what it all means.

Mystical Seeker has some valuable insights into tolerance in our world today. It never fails to thrill me to see that bloggers read one another, read other articles, and new ideas sprout. Some thoughtful ideas here.

Who doesn’t believe in the big bang? Oh, your usual suspects, southern Republicans. What is it about these people that they are so fearful of reality?

Something like 70-80% of all Americans support repeal of DODT in the military. The right has raised new arguments every day it seems. First, it would increase gay rape, then we have to worry about tainted “gay blood,” then it would destroy military chaplains “rights” but the newest one is the best–It will enrage Muslims who will try to kill more of us. Right Wing Watch has to story.

If you like your news tart and saucy, then you better try out Black Magpie Theory. Brought to us by OKJimm!

Is Sarah Palin entitled to call herself a feminist? Do words mean anything? A terrific must read post at Jezebel!

If you need an attitude adjustment, and we all do from time to time, Atticus at StatesofMindz, has 21 “If’s” you might want to think about.

Hope you find a thing or two that strikes your fancy here.

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8 comments on “What’s Up? 06/02/10

  1. TomCat says:

    Great collection, Sherry. Have you tried an insect repellent with DEET? Cutters used to protect me while trout fishing in a mosquito hatch.

  2. Sherry says:

    Yeah, I end up spraying myself to death and that keeps away the mosquitoes. My worst problem is then gnats which nothing touches apparently. So I have ordered a hat net! lol…slightly less unsightly than a beekeeper’s bonnet. I just can’t stand those things landing in my ears and face. Drives me nutty!

  3. blisterina says:

    Ugh, mosquitoes — I can’t stand hearing them buzzing in the middle of the night, wakes me up every time. When I was a kid I was regularly their favorite meal, but not so much these days; I must have soured quite a bit in adulthood! Have you tried Off’s new belt clip-on?

    Thanks for the Michelangelo link — the spirit needs to look at some art this week.

    • Sherry says:

      Yep Blisterina, I got me a clip on. I can drown myself in the poison and thus keep them at bay. I’ve ordered a hat with a netting to fight off gnats!

      That Michaelangelo link was fascinating I thought!

  4. Tim says:

    Weirdly, we’ve been bug free around here for several years and couldn’t figure it out. Then one night along about dusk, Walt happened be looking out our window and saw about a thousand bats swarm out of an apartment house flue. I came running to see, of course. It was extraordinary. They vanished in every direction (we got a close-up of one as it zipped by our window) and about 15 minutes later they flocked back home.

    I have no idea how you’d attract and keep bats in the meadow, Sherry–maybe just build an empty flue–but they might be good for what ails ya!

  5. Tim says:

    Oops.. left this out. Re: DODT, I’m waiting for the arguments to devolve into fashion. As for Muslims killing more soldiers on the chance of picking one of us gay boys or girls off, please. That’s so dumb I can’t even come with a sassy retort.

    • Sherry says:

      Tim, we have bats here a plenty, just not a plenty a plenty. (found a dead baby under the table last week. Seems one of my cats caught one.) as to the DODT, isn’t it simply insane? These people go so far out that they make it clear to all rational people exactly why we need to end such crazy stuff. They are too dumb to realize it.

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