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The sun is just starting to work its way through the overcast. The rain was much appreciated by the garden veggies and flowers. The temperature has gotten back to a respectable high 70’s and we are having shrimp and fettucini alfredo with broccoli for dinner.

I’m lazy (I know, what’s new?) and just looking forward to a day of reading on the internet and reading generally and finding out later who won Idol this year. Crystal won the night, last but Lee is great too. Both will have fine careers.

I have books to beg for, since I’m down to my last book for review now. So many to choose from. As someone said, it’s good to be in ordinary time once again. Summer church activities are curtailed a bit, and life becomes that lazy hazy time of all those steamy Tennessee Williams novels. “Maggie, you’re like a cat on a hot tin roof.” Indeed. come on down and sip a lemonade.


A really nice and informative interview with David Sloan Wilson on evolution, in Nature News. This comes via 3quarksdaily. How evolutionary theory is now making its way into all aspects of our lives.

Hawaii is my newly adopted fantasy home. This post points out how the right can twist the facts to fit the message. The election of a republican in a former democratic district is explained thusly: The marriage between men and women wins the day! NO.

Ellen DeGeneres destroys American IdolChristian News Wire, claims it’s because of her lesbian activism, with no supporting facts. Claims the industry blames her for the show’s fall. Billboard is cited in the article for the proposition that it is Ellen’s fault, but the 4 page article, found here, says no such thing. Another example of twisting no facts to make your sick point.

TomCat at Politics Plus has a good article on the dangers of embracing the Teabaggers. Seems some of them have an err, God complex? And the GOP is runnin’ for the hills.

An important post on communion and who should receive. In our church, it is said, “it is not the church who invites you, it is the Lord.” Who is church to decide who is worthy? Thanks Diane for a timely post.

Episcopal Cafe has a report on how various Christian denominations are responding to the Arizona immigration law. From boycott to condemnation, the list goes on. What is not-surprisingly missing is anything from the evangelical right. They I guess favor the law. I guess they missed the parts of the bible relating to the alien amongst us.

Via our good friend Jim at OKJim’s Eggroll Emporium, we get a link to a couple of fine blogs you might like. One is Re-Evolved which seems bent on environmental matters and looks to be a real voice on all such matters. The other is only for the weirdo for whom everything about beer is well, readable. Oshkosh Beer.

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