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I’ve been wondering lately if our human curiosity will be the end of us as well. That is, assuming, that the above adage is indeed correct. And since it’s had a long play in the American lexicon of sayings, undoubtedly it is true.

I figure that at best, it’s the creator of all the crazies that inhabit planet earth these days. They seem to be everywhere, in fact you can call it an infestation without any qualms that you are overstating it. I mean when folks get down to offering chickens to their doctor in payment as a SYSTEM alternative to health care reform, you gotta know, we are in deep cow poop.

We are just way out in front of ourselves here. We apparently have a part of the brain that works super good at figuring out stuff. We can build it bigger, higher, deeper, and purtier. We can have these tube things that truck information everywhere at lightening speed, and make everyone your neighbor (wouldn’t Mr. Rogers be proud!). We can make food out of cardboard, and devise all manner of idiotic play toys that we must have to hear music in the forest and watch the Knesset in session while sailing off the coast of Australia. We know too much, and we know very little.

But this other part of the brain, why it barely has moved forward over the eons of time. We are only slightly less willing to kill each other at a moment’s notice for all manner of imagined wrongs and slights. We’re even willing to do it preemptively if pushed.

We smugly sip high end designer beers on the patio in the evening, nodding sagely as our neighbor points out that those illegals are just a darn bunch of lazy so and so’s who want to come up here and steal the good life out from under us.

We haven’t the time to actually read books any more, but we sure can get a synopsis of all we need to know from our favorite media outlet. Then we can spout our new found expertise at the next luncheon while eating faux chicken glop, and pretending feigned concern for those folks in Tennessee or the Gulf Coast, facing their Armageddons even as we swallow.

We elect a president and no sooner than it takes to try out that new hair color at the salon, we are ready to lay blame for everything under the sun at his doorstep. Mostly cuz we are livin’ on the moment, and each moment is well, a long time, and we gotta get on with it don’t we? I mean, there is soccer practice, and stopping at the farmer’s market (doin’ our part for  the environment), and picking up the movie for tonight, and then, awww heck, who has time to learn any facts about immigration?

Lip service we give to it all. We haven’t got time, we haven’t got patience, we haven’t got the emotional care to even CARE any more. We just want it all to stop, we wanna get off, we want all we got, and maybe a good deal more, but we want all the crap problems to go AWAY. We want Little House on the Prairie, with the SUV and the IPad.

Can’t somebody, somebody we can trust, just give us a one-page condensation of the day? They are all yelling in my ear, all competing and telling me only they can save me. I hear drill baby drill, overcome by spill baby spill, and people are dying both brown and white as the snow at the border, and it’s SOMEBODY’s fault! Not mine, no not mine. I’m just weeding the flowers and trying to figure out what to make for dinner for cryin’ out loud.

Sorry folks, our brain is one-sided, one side unable to keep up with the other. That’s what I’m a thinking. We just left that cave a few thousand years too early. Something about that woman wanting a bigger cave? Or that man wanting a more varied diet? Either way, they just let their hands outstrip their ability to funnel all that information. We forgot us in the pursuit of I.

Just so you know I’m not insane, the following will help you, I hope synthesize a bit of the news this day:

These posts seemed worth reading in regards to the issue of immigration today:

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And on the Oil spill and who is responsible:

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And if after all that, your head is a swirl with more than you can process, I invite you to take some time and relax with:

5 Essential Zen Habits for Balanced Living, by Anastasiya Goers

Happy sanity!

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