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So I’ve been out and aboot all day, as the Canucks would say, and so my wee little brain is a bit fried.

So don’t be surprised if nothing that follows is connected with anything else. You have been warned.

First of all, let me key you folks in on a great adult education program that you might want to explore for your church.

I stopped by the church today to look at part 4, on creation stories, which, God willing and the creek don’t rise (literally I might add), I’m supposed to facilitate on Sunday. Be prepared is my motto even though the Boy Scouts think it belongs to them. Girl Scouts were every bit as prepared, and we did it backward and in heels. No wait, that refers to dancing.

Anyway, I watched Part 3, which I had missed, and was awed by some of the stuff they discussed, and actually thought I got at least two good blog post topics from it. But I, as usual, digress.

The program is called Living the Questions. It is a 21 part series, and you can do one each week. There are 3 DVD’s and each segment is 20 minutes long. It is ecumenical in nature; I’ve seen representatives from at least 4-5 different denominations. We did a session on fundamentalism and literalism, theological thinking, and now creation stories.

If you are a liberal/progressive congregation, and wish to learn a few things, then I suggest you take a look and bring it to the attention of your education committee. Any of these quite frankly can be the jumping off place from which to find a book and delve deeper into any particular subject that interests you.


I stopped by the Barnes and Nobles on my way in today, on a quest. Course, I usually see a kazillion other things I’d like to buy, but much to my joy and all around yippieness, I found exactly what I was hoping for–a collection of the works of Dorothy Parker, queen of  wit, for me. I soooooo admire her writing. She is one of my heroes. If you are interested, I got The Portable Dorothy Parker, edited by Marion Meade, who is also the writer of a Dorothy Parker bio, entitled What Fresh Hell is This, which I should also think about getting.

This collection includes short stories, Vanity Fair articles, book reviews, and poetry. I’m just so excited, but, laughing since, I am also reading a comparison of Christianity with early to 18th century philosophic thought, as well as completing the end of my study of Jeremiah in EFM. I also have another book on the way about women in biblical times. I’m about 1/3 of the way through McCulloch’s Reformation,  and dying to order John Bright’s, The History of Israel. I have about 3 other books I want to request for review in the next two months.

If somebody would only pay me to read, I could be a millionaire rather quickly I reckon.


Speaking of nothing in particular, I was assaulted by this rather strange and utterly idiotic “problem” this morning. I was as usual watching GMA while sipping my first coffee of the day. What follows is true, I swear.

We all know the horror of bullying and we have learned sadly that a number of children have committed suicide after being subjected to this verbal hell both at school and also on the Internet social sites. It is a despicable practice, one that most everyone got a little taste of at some point growing up, and I support every effort to put an end to it.

That said, what follows is insane.

It seems there is such a thing as mommy bullying. Women, who are moms, either blog, or get on social sites and discuss various phases of child rearing. It seems that some women are quite quirky on what is “right and wrong” here and don’t mind being rude and nasty to women who aren’t doing the job as they would. I’m told this might have to do with breastfeeding or not, and working or not, and so on.

Well, the picked on women are being bullied it seems. And the “experts” were quick to point out that should it get threatening, one should call the authorities, either to explore criminal charges or at least to close out their social networking accounts.

Hey. How bout simply not going to it? I mean, you lady, are a freakin’ adult. You are not a child who has to face these same dunces in a school hall way or bathroom. Unless you provide the info, these folks can’t contact you, come to your home, or otherwise bother you at all, UNLESS YOU FREAKIN’ MAKE YOURSELF AVAILABLE.

I mean really. There are problems in the world, and this ain’t one of ’em. One dipshit was complaining that after she twittered that her toddler had been found floating in the pool, and everyone should pray, a few hours later, twittered that her baby was dead. Was it a big surprise that a few people suggested unkindly that she might STOP TWITTERING and take care of her kids?

I’m thinking this all might be leading up to a post on whether our capable hands have overcome our evolutionary brains and we are seeping over into mass insanity. It seems there are examples of utter unbelievable uncontrolled, insane insanity every day now. Heck some woman wanted to replace the health care law with bartering chickens, like they did in the 19th century. Yeah and reserve a room at the HOME for you too lady.

Well, I’m pooped. Have a great one. Hopefully things are back to a quiet contemplative posting tomorrow. HA!

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