Lazy Blogging or Appropriating the Work of Others

Okay, not really, it’s pretty much the usual short takes, which I haven’t done in a while, but it does lend to the idea that I’m really letting others do the talkin’ for me. Sometimes, (rare, I know) others actually say it better.

The weather is lovely in terms of the sun, but way cool, only 61 at the max today. Tomorrow I must shop before the next deluge which is due sometime Thursday or Friday.

I’m otherwise occupied with the usual stuff.

Actually, I’m not a bathroom hermit myself. Never have been, and never figured out how people can read in the darn place. My butt would get cold sitting there. I go in there for a reason, and get ‘er done.

So here goes, hope you find a thing or two worth your attention.

My first inclination is to say that such a beautiful sunset shouldn’t be wasted on a bunch of elderly dried up old prune faces, but that would be mean. My second inclination is that the entire state could easily be scraped into the Grand Canyon with room to spare.

But if you want to read a rather thoughtful¬† post about current issues in Arizona and Israel, slip over to read Matty Boy’s take on racism–yeah, now I got your attention don’t I?

I’m an adult, I know we usually take baby steps to correct the wrongs of the world, but for liver-lovin’ sake, has Arizona lost it’s mind? And beware sanctimonious remaining 49, it’s an infectious disease, make sure you get your immunization shots soon.


And if that only whetted your interest, then read on. Dusty, never one to parse a expletive when needed, offers some background into the admittedly racist history of those who pushed forward this ugly piece of law.


And then there is the political angle that this is all really a ploy to stop the rise of Democratic voting Latinos from living in the state and disrupting the Rethuglican look of things. Jill at Brilliant at Breakfast researches and brings you that story.


I’ve mentioned more than once my concerns about the rather blatant racism that is espoused throughout America against other Americans, namely Muslims. Not to say that we should reserve that for Muslims who are not Americans of course.

I was happy to hear that the Pentagon rescinded it’s offer to Franklin Graham to speak at the National Prayer Day ceremonies. The Reverend, son of the famous Billy Graham, expressed the usual racist claptrap in the name of God no less.

While VJack at Atheist Revolution was “disturbed”and “disappointed” that the President visited the elder Graham and also met Franklin, I pointed out in a FB entry that, well fundies would would have been just as disappointed and disturbed had Obama visited Dawkins or Hutchens. The point being, I guess intolerance is something that both fundies and atheists can have in common.

I’ve just started reading Sharp Iron, an admittedly evangelical conservative blog. I was pleased to see that Christian Beyer seems to agree that the Pentagon did the right thing.

Interestingly, Franklin claims that Muslims have a different God than his. That argument always seems odd to me, coming as it always does, from a  monotheist. If there is only one, well, however defined, the Muslim God is indeed the same God as the Christian God, and the Hindu, and the Shinto, and well, you get the picture.


I’ve been a believer that nature is God’s canvas upon which he creates the most beautiful of art for us, free of charge. Andy Goldsworthy, seen here in one of his creations, seems to agree. In fact he works in tandem with God (okay that’s my opinion of course) in creating some really beautiful pieces.

If your soul has been battered lately by personal or civic problems, then do stop by and take a look. I promise that you will come away feeling lighter and more at peace. Beauty is a gift of God, at least that is how I see it.

A H/T to Experimental Theology.


Liberty University, love child of the late Jerry Falwell, is back in the news as we mentioned a few days ago.

It seems they have invited the renowned intellectual and all around great expounder of Christianity, the one and only, Glenn Beck to be their commencement speaker.

You might remember Liberty from the fact that the Bushites enlisted a goodly number of their law graduates into the Justice Department, where they soon got in hot water by mixing their Repuglian politics with doing their jobs. We are guessing that ethics don’t play a big part in Liberty’s law curriculum.

Anyway, we pondered the incongruity of Beck, who is an avowed Mormon, being asked to speak at a ultra conservative evangelical university. You know, they often claim that said Mormons are not really Christians at all, and if you don’t believe me on that just ask Mitt Romney.

It all seemed mighty crazy, in any event. And I figured, crazy is as crazy does. Beck has called for a boycott of any church that does social justice ministry, and well, we figured Liberty must agree with all that anti-Jesus stuff too. (My Jesus is not their Jesus I would guess.)

Matt Kelley, pastor and blogger has a take on the issue, well worth your reading. And the usual H/T to Prof. James McGrath at Exploring Our Matrix for this link.

That’s it for today. A first–all links are to regular bloggers and I’m as always just amazed at the talent out there. Hope you find something to read!

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8 comments on “Lazy Blogging or Appropriating the Work of Others

  1. Hey, thanks for the plug. But…I’m NOT very Evangelical or Conservative – at least not in any way that those words have come to mean. I USED to be very Conservative, for most of my life and I did belong to a very conservative, evangelical fundamentalist congregation but was able to escape with my wits still about me.

    Now, I pretty much eschew labels. Except when I’m referring to others, of course. ;) Most conservatives would consider me a liberal these days. Most evangelicals would call me a heretic.
    Gotta love it.

    Like your blog, btw. Like the ‘lazy blogging’ idea, too.

    • Sherry says:

      Thanks Christian! I’m glad you escaped with your faith intact. Many don’t. We have a few folks who, like you, have come to should I say fuller understanding? I’m sorry for the label, but I did think that Sharp Iron was conservative–least I was led to believe that. I’ll keep reading for sure. I’m impressed so far.

  2. I’m not sure I like the anti-theft innuendo of your post title. What’s wrong with being lazy?

    I just hope the other 49 see just how high the land of the cacti has raised the bar and act accordingly. Once more into the lunacy, dear friends!

    • Sherry says:

      Actually Randal, these posts take much longer to compose than the ones I simple rant off on. All the linkage and the pictures mostly.

      And yes, into the breach we go–dancing and singing. I hope we can get a Marachi band!

  3. Tony says:

    The Pictured at top secluded ‘office’ may be proof of why we are Alleged to be the ‘most productive’ workers ‘in the world’.
    On the other hand, the Truth is the Source of that reached that conclusion by Deleting the 4 weeks Paid vacation of the European Union Nation with that title of Most Productive: France.
    The source of the USA ‘most productive’ national spin also was critiqued nationally: the National Chamber of Commerce. In Fact, National Chamber of Commerce Numbers were documented at 30,000 instead of Their alleged membership at One Million ‘businesses'; documented a few months ago by an Honest (Leftist/socialist therefore) National Publication.

  4. Natalie says:

    You wrote: Interestingly, Franklin claims that Muslims have a different God than his. That argument always seems odd to me, coming as it always does, from a monotheist. If there is only one, well, however defined, the Muslim God is indeed the same God as the Christian God, and the Hindu, and the Shinto, and well, you get the picture.

    My response: They cannot be the same god without grossly redefining how each of these religions define their god. For example, it shows little respect for both Christians and Muslims to say that they worship the same god: one has a trinitarian god of which Jesus is a key part, and the other has a strict monotheist god where including Jesus would be blasphemous. When I hear folks say that Muslims and Christians worship the same god, I take it to mean that “God the father” is the same as Allah. But what about “God the son” and “God the holy spirit”? Christians must acknowledge them, by definition. Muslims reject them as blasphemous.

    I’d love to think all believers worship the same god. Maybe they do…and don’t know it. But that would mean that each religion didn’t do a very good job of defining god.

    • Sherry says:

      It seems to violate basic rules of monotheistic thought to claim that others worship other Gods, since by definition they claim there is but one. However imperfectly understood or worshiped, there is but one after all.

      You seem to suggest that you don’t really believe in monotheism, by declaring you don’t believe that the trinitarian God is really One. Either one or both of us, Christian or Muslim are possibly in error.

      If we claim that Muslims worship some different God, we are by defintion claiming that there are possibly more than one God. Of course, this would be in perfect keeping with Early Judaism, which professed Yahweh as the Creator God, though they refer to the heavenly court which was defined as containing other Gods. In its earliest form Yahweh was crossed with El Shaddai and Marduk, eventually he subsumed them all. But it took centuries, well into the post exilic period before Jews finally gave up their extraneous gods.

      Thanks for you comment Natalie. It was interesting.

      As to your last…no religion does a good job of defining God, for in the end God is undefineable. We merely guess mostly I would argue, trying to extrapolate from history and our experience what we think God must be like.

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