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Okay, so I’m a bit sloooow. I trust that God is persistent and when he wants me to address something he sticks it in front of me until I finally notice, usually for me about three times. So, I’m actually improving, cuz this time it only took twice.

Let me ‘splain.

I’ve been a ranting now and again about how atheists only attack one particular brand of Christianity, that being fundamentalism. And it’s like, hey, don’t you people even KNOW that there are other kinds?

Well, yes, I got that answer finally admitted to me in a couple of places. Richard Beck at Experimental Theology alluded to the same thing–that most atheism is directed at the far right, which is why most liberal/progressive Christians don’t have a lot of critical response to most atheist writing–we tend to agree with it.

Now, recently an atheist blogger confirmed that this is in fact true, so I can rest easy, knowing that I’m not crazy. They know the difference, he insisted, but they attack that which is dangerous. They have no real quarrel with us progressives, live and let live ya know. (I’ve searched diligently for the post, but can’t find it alas. I guess I should save every post in my reader that I even remotely think I might use some day!)

But a new point was pushed forward at Unreasonable Faith yesterday, and the point is well taken I think. He suggested that our time would be better spent in debating with the fundies than with them. I mean, we need not keep reminding them that we don’t adhere to all the silly nonsense of the far right. They admittedly, as I’ve just said, know that.

By doing so we can be part of the solution. Now, I admit, this seems at odds with things I’ve said repeatedly–namely that you cannot for the most part dislodge most fundamentalists from their literalistic beliefs. They are way way too important to their overall well-being.

And there is something decidedly unchristian, I admit, in carrying on an ugly yelling match with folks who aren’t listening in the first place. But, and it’s a qualified but, there is something to what VorJack has to say. We can calmly and quietly, simply post another point of view, without all the pejorative words and flash points.  We can set the record straight, at least on those blogs that won’t simply delete our comments.

Beck, upon rereading his post, said essentially the same thing. Who better than we, who are also believers to take on the burden reminding others that there are other ways of looking at the bible and its teachings.

I realized a rather amazing thing. While I have be assiduous in maintaining some minimum contact with the conservative political right, (monitoring some blogs and bringing some of their arguments to your attention) I have utterly ignored the religious right both in blogroll and in reader. I owe, it would seem, at least some minimal attention to what they are saying. (the fact that I can guess pretty accurately is of no import really.)

So in the spirit of  whatever, I’ve been searching for blogs that focus on biblical literalism. So far I have located one excellent one called Sharper Iron. I’m not sure I’m using the best search words, and so far the atheist community has not come forth with any good ones per my request of them.

So I enlist your help dear readers. Should you know of any that you look at or have seen, please let me know. I guess we have some duty to attempt to clean our own house.

 Admittedly, our right wing brethren have been making life hard on us liberal Christians. They are often an embarrassment and we should not simply take the higher road and ignore them. In all we can be pleasant and civil, but we must stand against such wrong thinking.

Looking at the horror that is the new Arizona law against immigrants, I have been interested to watch who is speaking out against it. I note that it sadly seems to be largely the liberal/progressive arm of the Christian Church. That is simply wrong. Each and every Christian should be against this mean spirited and evil law.

So that is that, and when I get a few fundie blogs together, I’ll put them in a separate category on the blogroll for your perusal, should you be so inclined.

Oh and hey, did you hear? Glenn Beck, has been asked and agreed apparently to be the speaker at Liberty U’s commencement! Now, thinking about that, somehow, I guess it fits. Liberty U is no university worth calling itself one, and Glenn Beck is no human worth calling himself. . . . well you get the idea. Just crazy as hell isn’t it?

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