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My world is a bit upside down today. The Contrarian has disappeared and been replaced by a strange man who wants to cook my dinner and cook Easter dinner besides. More of a convenient excuse to avoid the church possibly, but hard to turn down in any event. So, I’m at some odds this day, wandering around without “things” to do regarding the main meal of the day.

Sure, I did some wash, and made a carrot cake for tomorrow (the Contrarian has his limits you know). He is making some deviled eggs, and well, perhaps a good deal of the rest is secret at this point. I’m essentially banned from my own kitchen.


I’ve been reading blogs and otherwise just thinking. I ran across this and thought it was quite neat. It purports to be the most twittered tweet of the week:

Obama’s not a brown-skinned anti-war socialist who gives away free healthcare.

You’re thinking of Jesus.

It made me smile.


I’m hot on the trail of a new book to review. Haven’t done any in a while. Delivery was tough given our winter woes, but that is past and it’s time to get back into serious stuff. MacCulloch has written a huge tome on Christianity. He’s the author of the Reformation, another tome I”m presently reading. But I must say, I’m learning a heck of a lot, so I’m ready to give his 1,000+ pager a try.


Going to Good Friday services is always a bit of a gamble with me. Never know how I’m going to feel about it. I usually feel some sadness, some horror at my paltry efforts in the face of so great a sacrifice, and not a little shake of confusion. I can’t explain it well, but I always feel a bit lost.


The Episcopal Cafe has an amazing letter by Rev. Marie Fortune, which outlines what she would tell Pope Benedict about the scandal  should he be interested. Follow the link and read, for it’s well worth it.

One thing I believe in totally, is blaming the media for a witch hunt is exactly the wrong approach. You’d think they would get that.


If you don’t already, catch Dr. James McGrath’s blog, Exploring our Matrix. He scored second in the blog popularity wars. It’s a great blog, and I get lots of good food for thought from it. He also is busy on Facebook where I usually catch up with his posts.


The Wild Reed, has a lovely excerpt from Andrew Harvey’s book, Son of Man: The Mystical Path to Christ.

Frankly, I could recommend a lot of poetry, but it’s impossible to choose among so many entries. The times do inspire great thoughts no doubt, and I’m in awe as always at how talented so many of my blogging friends are. Do stop by Tim’s Straight-Friendly today as well. His reflections are so beautiful that I’m urging him to collect them for publication. What a lovely inspirational book they would make.


Hate to do this to a Democrat but hey, stupid is stupid. Georgia enters the fray as a new contestant in the weekly show–My Congressman is Stupider than Yours! I have a sneakin’ suspicion they could well win out this week with this one.

It seems that Hank Johnson (D-Ga) weighed in on a discussion of adding more folks to the island of Guam as the Pacific fleet is increasing its presence. It seems that this worries the congressman who is afraid that the the addition of 8000 more people might be one or two too many and cause the island to capsize and drown all the inhabitants.

Yep, that’s right. Don’t know what else to say about it, but I’m swearing off Georgia grown peaches this year just in case. I suggest detours around the state also. And before you think it was an April Fools shenanigan–there is a UTube link to prove it.


And, well, you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t hope for a little of this:

It never takes long to find another chuckle in the teabagger repertoire does it? Seems our mayor has a bit of brushing up to do on his English spelling? Perhaps Chester is the village idiot?

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