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Note to self: when night dreaming (wakefully contemplating the day past) and an idea for a blog post comes along, write it down. You will surely forget it by morning. And I did. So this ain’t it.

I’ve checked my mailbox, both snail and e, and so far, no letter from the President. He does contact me from time to time you know, asking for my help. I do the best I can.  But, sure that the letter is most likely just “lost in the mail” which means its not lost at all, but IN THE MAIL. . . I thought it best to give my advice right away, so there would be no delay. Time is running short.

The Reuglicans are promising that the American (right wing barely humans)  public will rise up in November and silly slap the prez for his arrogance in actually taking care of people and their health. Well, not so fast there partner. I’m thinking a new sheriff is in Dodge and the old rules may not apply.

I got to thinking about this as I thought about what happened in my own dear state of Iowa over the same-sex marriage brouhaha that occurred last year. There were all manner of threats of throw the bums out, repeal, replace, reproach all those deemed responsible. Much of it is was silly, and illegal frankly.

The truth is there is really only one way to alter the decision in Iowa and that is by constitutional amendment. And realistically, nobody sees that as likely, and even if it is, it wouldn’t get to a vote anytime before 2013. Now that is nearly four long years since the case was decided. And guess what? Time matters.

Time is the enemy of those who have a burning issue, no matter what it is. As we have pointed out before, Merikans have a very short attention span. The rabid crazies? No, they eat breath and sleep their issue, but they are a tiny gnat in a tornado. The majority of citizenry is on to other things–vacation spots, 401K outlays, summer soccer school, and what movie to watch tonight.

Moreover, the wackos promised utterly dire consequences from the same-sex decision. The state would be overrun by swishy girly men and crass talkin’ lesbos, all here to recruit, take up residence, and otherwise transform Iowa into a paradise of gayness, all part, mind you, of the international gay agenda, which any self-respecting homophobe can tell you all about, if’in you ask politely.

So as time goes on and nothing awful happens, meaning the doorbell isn’t ringing off the door frame requesting your children be given up to the only real lifestyle that matters, and as the time for planting violets approaches, the argument grows thin. I mean, explain to me Mr/Mrs/Ms wacko exactly why I need to drop everything, expend millions, all to prevent that nice couple that lives three blocks over from marrying?

Same thing with the Health care reform law. Time will prove out that nothing much has changed insofar as those things one holds near and dear–one’s sacrosanct possession of one’s private insurance (for them that has it of course). No tax increases, no ticket for your next checkup in 2012 as the first available date, no refusal to treat your asthma–you smoked away your lungs, tough titty buster–breathe as best you can.

While I’d like there to be a few more months to let this sink in, I think that a good deal of the fear and confusion will be decidedly forgotten come November.

So, Barack, my man, let me tell you what you really need to do. Everything and anything to produce jobs. I just told you that these people have short attention spans. And doing without that new WII game is getting tiresome. People want jobs, so they can buy things. They do need jobs to pay the bills and feed their kids too of course. So listen up and dag gum it find some jobs.

I propose that you start tons of public works. It wouldn’t be permanent employment, but they won’t grump, they will be happy to have the dough in hand.

Oh and a couple of times a month, travel to some nice niche of Merika, preferably where there is some purple mountain majesty, or oceans white with foam. Give a rousing speech ‘splainin’ all this Washington stuff, and take lots of pics. They love the keepsakes.

I’m thinking that the Dems will be doin’ just fine if you do that. Who was that other party? I think I’ve forgotten their name already. . . Re. . .something, GO. . .let me remember? All I recall is that they campaigned on NO and pretty much didn’t play nicely with others. And you remember what your 3rd grade teacher said about THAT don’t you?  But on the up side, they will be forever immortalized in the dictionary, under two words, irrelevant and cypher.

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