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Seems like everywhere you look these days, Republicans are bellying up to the table for a snack. And the snack of choice seems to be each other. Yes, as reported here before, they GOP is eating its own. And just when they thought they had the Dems on the run and were looking to sweep the 2010 mid-terms.

First up is the lovely spawn of Dick “the Dick” Cheney. Lizzie, who amazingly, like her dear dad, is able to live without a heart (it is only a rumor that “the Dick” has one–it’s never been confirmed by independent sources), is busy trashing the Justice Department in that adorable McCarthyite kind of way.

In this she shares repugnance with Billy “nobody cares Nerd” Kristol. Both are blowhearting their ways out of Republican hearts and souls with their hateful, and undemocratice remarks about the Justice Department.

Enter, a bunch of upstanding lawyers and politicos from the GOP, who have sent a letter expressing their utter disgust at Lizzie and her brand of bigoted hatred for democratic principles. It’s worth the time to follow the link and read Andrew Sullivan’s excellent report, and excerpts from the letter.

Of even more ravenous appetite are the responsible Republicans who are up in arms at the Michael Steele RNC fundraising plan to “scare” America! Plenty of big name donors are saying no to this bit of nonsense. Civility is dead quite officially now. You can read more about that at Crooks and Liars. Has it only been a bit more than a year since the Rethugs chose Steele to make them look “inclusive”? After let me see, a dozen or so scandals of differing size, one would like to ask the Rethugians, “How’s that workin’ for ya?”

Do follow some of the links at Crooks and Liars. Nicole Belle has done your work for you on this one, and there is plenty of red meat to fill even the most demanding carnivore.

We can report today, that Roy Ashburn, the California  Republican state senator who touts “family values” all the while hanging at gay bars, has come out of the closet. Yep, he confesses, he is gay. No doubt this makes gay men around the globe just excited as heck. (NOT).

The Rethugs newest hypocrit has not voiced yet whether he will now vote for gay rights measures in California or continue to speak out against them. I mean I guess he could be  a self-loathing gay man. That would be sad indeed, but frankly it’s pretty bad to be a two-faced liar. Pick your poison Senator.

Teabaggers, meet George Wallace. We seem to remember somewhere, the phrase, “those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it.” Or words to that effect. Reading around, (not akin to sleeping around I can assure you), I’ve discovered that in primaries, the teabagger candidates are not doing so well. It would seem that they are cutting into the votes that would otherwise go to moderate Republicans, and of course, this ends up helping the Democratic candidate.

Such is in fact happening in Utah to Harry Reid, Democratic Senate Majority Leader. Reid, who has been having an awful time in the polls, is to be given credit that he has stepped up to the plate and continues to push Obama’s agenda, even though it may hurt him at home. But, enter the teabaggers! Their candidate is polling upward, and that means the actual Republican candidate is losing ground.

I can only say,  C O N T I N U E. One can but cross fingers and finger crosses that the same thing will happen to one Johnny Sidney McCain, all around hypocritical unprincipled and thoroughly dishonorable chit.

I figure hypocrisy and irony are words that our Sarah Palin has never heard of. I mean the echo in her head must be huge. She has actually admitted to traveling to Canada in years past for of all things HEALTH CARE! Yep, couldn’t afford that good ole Merika kind, so her and Toddy slipped across the border and got some from Canada.

Given her position today, she called it ironic. I call it hypocrisy Sarah. Plain and simple. Or was that Plain and tall? No, that was a movie. Plainly Sarah you should stick to the children’s table. Ya just ain’t an adult yet sweetie. Leave politics to grownups whydoncha?

Now, that is enough news to make progressive smile wouldn’t you say? I’m grinnin’ and I betcha you are too!

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