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Trying to talk to a climate change denier, is about as effective as talking to a evolutionary biology denier. Both have too much invested in their world view to take a change on actual thinking.

This country has endured its worst winter ever in many places. Dallas is scheduled for nearly a foot of snow, while northern Florida and Atlanta are both hit with inches.

The wackos at Faux Nauseous spout how “Al is afraid to come out and be seen, since the winter snows clearly  destroy his claim of global warming.” Duh, what could be clearer? Most snow, coldest temperatures, ipso facto and all that jazz.

Except that their conclusion is laughable, and bespeaks an utter lack of intellectual prowess or, worse, as we often suspect, downright intentional misleading. It’s often hard to tell which. I mean is Senator Inhofe really nuts ( we hear he whistles “If I only had a brain” down the corridors of Congress), or is he the willing shill of the energy companies who pour thousands into his campaign coffers?

We do know that the majority of the tea bagging, evangelical Jesus spouting deniers do not know better. Their brains have long atrophied. The have been victimized by Faux Noise and K Street to the extent that they magically do their bidding, completely unaware that they vote against their own interests.

Inhofe claims that the “books are cooked” as regards climate change. This naively or not, claims that scientists twist the evidence to an outcome other than where it naturally would go for some ulterior reasons, the likes of which Mr. Inhofe has yet to explain. Science is peer-reviewed and scientists gain their celebrity precisely for bringing forth replicable findings which their colleagues across the globe can review, retest and agree or disagree with.

After bemoaning the fact that only the likes of Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Keith Olbermann, and a few of the left were countering the lies perpetrated by the Limbaugh/Fox/Inhofe conspiracy forces, finally the mainstream media addressed the claims.

Diane Sawyer brought on an actual scientist to address these claims. She calmly reminded everyone that scientists don’t have sides but pursue the evidence. They she pointed out that in reports issued years ago, reference was made that one of the consequences of this intense uptick in warming was that “storms would increase in intensity.” In other words, whether it be snow storms, thunderstorms, tornado activity, hurricanes, there is likely to be a greater range and ferocity, caused by shifts in the temperatures of oceans and the movements of deep sea “streams.”

Course, we know, that this will change no mind, for the already questionably brain dead will not bother to even read an independent source. After all, intellectuals are dangerous–they know things that the NASCAR bible thumpers don’t, and that’s too scary.


Speaking of intellectuals (I lied, my bad), Sarah just can’t keep her doncha/cantcha/wanna self out of the news these days. We of course were not surprised that she writes her “values” on her hand in an attempt to recall exactly what they are when being interviewed by sympathizing followers. The jokes are too numerous to set down.

But really girl, this is a tad much doncha think? At her next couple of “speaking” engagements she seeks to bar the press from coverage. No doubt to prevent them from getting more food for the mill. According the Think Progress, the Wasilla Wonder wants the media barred. This comes on the heels of her and her handlers barring phones, cameras and political questions from those  who line up ( why on earth they would is another matter–line up that is) to get her to sign her silly book.

Alaska bloggers are on a black list, and apparently non-English speaking press is especially turned back. This from a woman who wants to remove Obama because we are “losing our freedoms.” I guess she isn’t referring to any of those mentioned in the first ten amendments to the US Constitution. The total insanity of this woman and her reams of illogical drivel is enough to make one well, demand a recount of her brain cells. There can’t be more than 12, and I’m being generous.

And don’t miss this piece on David Broder’s love affair with the mooselady. A new word is coined for Sarah, the media that adores her, and the bowel movements that endorse her: Idiocracy


And speaking of well, demented women of a Republican persuasion, we must tell you that both women have fared poorly in recent polls. No doubt you are aware that Sarah has reached new heights when it comes to voter disapproval. More than 70% claim she is unqualified to be president, and the number is about 56% when referring to Republicans only.

Similarly, the crazy woman from Minnesota (that’s Minna SO ta to you) is an “embarrassment to 56% of the electorate.”  Only in her district does she poll a slight majority of favorables. This no doubt is similar to Steven King our own resident crazy, who I suspect only polls well in his northwestern district in Iowa.

This suggests that the crazies of any state are pushed/pulled to remote isolated little districts where they can be ignored by the sane working population of a state. We are heartened by the fact that the majority in these states can add 2 + 2  and = 4, and we will not continue with our packing to move to the Greater Antilles as we had planned (we pooh poohed moving to the Lesser Antilles, well, because they are lesser and they don’t have Diet Coke Caffeine  free, I learned).

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