I hate it when a favorite blogging friend just disappears with no explanation. I’m not notifying you that I intend to leave, but I will not be posting regularly for a while. Things here in the meadow are rather difficult right now.

I’m not sure how much additional snow we got, but enough that we are again snowed in. We will be having someone plow us out later in the week. Our stove is not heating well, and is smoking a lot, and this is causing great difficulty for the Contrarian who has lung problems. We are going to have to go out in a day or so and try to cut up wood. I’m not much help but together we should be able to get in enough to keep warm.

We have food aplenty. A doctor’s appointment next week, and pretty much nothing else on the radar. Sometimes you just have to wait and hope and pray a lot. I am struggling with depression and obviously we are holding on at this point. Anything else goes wrong–well I cannot think about that.

As I feel able, I’ll post here. I’m just not able to concentrate on much of anything right now.

Take care, stay well and warm.