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When I read about this, I just wiggled and giggled with delight, and thought about getting some appropriate gift for my new friend–Switzerland!

Indeed, though it would be highly unproductive to do so out here in the Meadow, I’ve a mind on Wednesday when I return to the city, to give a good shout-out in the Walmart parking lot calling forth any Swiss citizens. I just want to hug to stuffings out of them.

We are muy simpatico as they say. Hadn’t you heard?

It seems that by a 57% majority vote, the fine citizens of Switzerland have voted that Muslims who erect mosques within the confines of the country will be prohibited from adding minarets to their peaks.

It seems that the Swiss are increasingly concerned about being overrun by Muslims who presently constitute somewhere between 4 1/2 – 7 % of the population. There are at present something like less than half a dozen of the pointy edifices on Swiss soil, and one must take a stand.

This has prompted the rest of the Swiss to hang their heads in shame, post placards at “vigils” saying “This is not my Switzerland” and well, otherwise point the finger down the road at some other poor schmuck as the one voted for such a bigoted law.

You ask why I am so giddy with glee at all this? Why because, as anyone with a brain knows, this wandering around in the desert by ourselves in the land of unforgivable bigotry, grows tiresome. (Way to make that connection to Exodus hey?) We are no longer alone as being insufferably bigoted towards people whose only crime seems association via generalized religious belief under the rubric “Islam.” We now have FRIENDS!

Yes, indeed, proof indeed that America is not the dumping ground of every right wing wacko on the face of Mother Earth. I think that grounds for celebration don’t you? We are not alone! It’s akin to finding life on another planet doncha think?

I just want to call up everyone I know. “Did ya hear? We aren’t he only bigoted idiots on the globe any more! The Swiss, can you believe it, are nutty too!” Yay, God can turn his attention and the spotlight off us for a while! Cartwheels are in order here folks.

I really can’t tell you how relieved I am. After finding that nearly everyone whom I went to high school with has become a flaming fundie and stooge for Fox news (well some of them at least),  I had considered my escape (read Exodus?) from said Mayfair district, Flint, Michigan, to be a miracle of sorts, worthy of a life time of thanks to the dear Lord.

“Thank you from saving me from being an idiot, Lord.” I’m a liberal and still sane.

Still, one has to accept the disease of crazy towel biting insanity seems to have spread widely in the US of A. One attempts to remain calm, yet they are effective after a sort, in derailing and weakening any number of legislative initiatives by their deliberate lying and plain lack of ability to see truth spitting at them in the eye. Personal selfishness has that tendency to overcome rational thought apparently.

Seeing this on every freakin’ issue of substance in the last year, I began to wonder if it were sabotage or something. Maybe in the pre washed spinach, or in the Domino’s pizza? I thought perhaps Starbucks, but then realized that they were too foo foo to be trusted with such a deed. I wondered if perhaps it had to do with NASCAR. Perhaps the tickets were saturated with stupid juice. I was seriously investigating all this, mostly so as to avoid contamination.

Now, I don’t know where to look. If the infection has spread to Switzerland, then, well, maybe the culprit is chocolate (gasp) or watches. The latter, I can handle, since I seldom wear a watch. The chocolate, oh dear Lord, how can I avoid that most perfect of foods? But no, it can’t be that for I consume plenty of it every week, and you can see, my liberalism is strongly intact.

So, well, whatever the cause, I’m just so pleased to know that we are no longer alone in the land of crazy. So Europe, get a grip, we are not your little toy to punch out any more. We are not the sole repositors of eyeball spinning stupido beliefs or logic. There is a new kid on the block, and he’s in your back yard. So there!

Now we can finally say what we have all been thinking all these years: Swiss yodeling is simply awful. Just sayin’ between friends ya know.

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