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KSMohammedOne thing you can surely count on these days, is that the great slavering beast that is the ultra right, will turn on a dime to attack the latest media subject favorite of the day. The dripping canines are all too happy to release their hold on health care reform rhetoric in favor of biting into the new kid on the block–Gitmo trials and Muslims in general!

We spoke about the ugly backlash against Muslim Americans and Muslims in general just a few days ago, and we’re sobered to report that the rhetoric of hate is alive and well. One Willie Kristol of Foxy Noise and the Weekly Standard, is  wont to argue that the Muslim psychiatrist charged in the murders at Fort Hood, hardly needs a trial.

” They should just go ahead and convict him and put him to death.” Yes, we all know the outcome Kristol reasons, why waste the time and money over rights and trials and all that stuff? It’s oh so understandable why such people favor torture and other suspension of rights for those they deem unworthy, opines blogger Andrew Sullivan.

Get into the Gitmo uproar and as they say, let the games begin. The wingnuttery right is aghast and shocked at the idea that we are going to try some of those long incarcerated at Guantanamo Bay in courts in the USA. Yep, treat them like the criminals we believe them to be. Try them. What’s to be upset about?

Well, the wacko right is plenty upset. It even got on Sarah’s radar as she posted on Facebook. Course, she has little if any idea what it is all about, but some of her handlers told it was the side to be on. So she is suitably “appalled.”

Now, me, I’m the proverbial average person who wonders, “how can this be?” What is all the hoopla here? Why are we not wanting people charged with crimes tried in our civilian court system? Is there something wrong with it? If so, why aren’t these same patriots calling for the system to be shut down against all persons charged with criminal offenses?

No, you don’t hear that. You do hear that such trials pose a clear and present danger to the public. Can’t have shackled men shuffling from cell to courtroom and back again. The danger is palpable. So many wreak havoc under similar circumstances.

And prison! If they are convicted and end up in state or federal prison! Why how can we let that happen. I mean, everyone knows they are a sieve. How many times now has Charles Manson escaped his custody?

No the real issue here is stated quite freely by the brainless right. If they are tried in civil courts, why they will have “RIGHTS.” CIVIL RIGHTS. And whoa, that is wrong. Civil rights are those reserved for red blooded Americans, not unChristian foreigners. I think it actually says that in the Constitution doesn’t it? Reserved for citizens?

Everyone knows that all kinds of illegal crap was done at Gitmo. And in civilian court, Lord have mercy, such evidence will be suppressed. They won’t be able to use all those “confessions” obtained by waterboarding. To think of such a turn of events! UNFAIR! Cheating! Consequences to actions? How can you have that?

You see, we are always talking about exporting our wonderful system of democracy. We cherish our “freedoms” as “God given” and as “human” rights. But hey, terrorists, that’s another story entirely. They ain’t human apparently. We don’t share our freedoms even when a foreigner is tried in this country. Or at least we don’t want to.

Again, what do we claim when one of ours is caught in some country doing wrong? Do we validate their system of justice or not? Does it depend on whether their system upholds our “freedoms” and protections? Most certainly. Yet, when we flip the coin?

Oh, yeah, you Muslims are not entitled to them. Nope, not even if you have that piece of paper that proves that you too carry American citizenship. Doesn’t matter. Rights are reserved for. . . could it be CHRISTIANS? After all, they are God given, and as these a-wipes would have it, are reserved for the tried and true.

I mean this is not hard to discern. Plenty of the conservative GOP is more than willing to state that this is exactly the reason for not trying them on American soil. They will have rights and we can’t allow that.

If you are having trouble wrapping your perfectly normal brain around that, well, welcome to the club. While most of the noise about this comes from the conservative right, no doubt the evangelical right supports the argument.  None other than Sarah has already stated it is wrong. And nobody is more holier than thou than Sarah with her faith-healing, demon extracting Wasilla pastors by her side. Just another example of the perversion to which Christianity can be put by those who use it to serve their own agenda of protecting moi.

Pretty disgusting if you ask me. ( And the Contrarian says that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed could be best punished by subjecting him to a full body wax once a month. Now that would be torture indeed!)

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