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justsaynoThe GOP has been using some version of “just say no” for some time now. One is tempted to ask, “how’s that workin’ for ya?”

From Pumas on, they’ve been banking on the “nope, no way” constituency to materialize into a real force. So far, it’s been a wash. The Pumas as you recall, were all those women who were Hillary supporters who were supposed to flock to the GOP once McCain chose that woman for all seasons, Sarah Palin as his running liar.

The Pumas of course never materialized, and Sarah soon grew wearisome to a thinking public.

Since the election last year, it has been the unmitigated decision of the Rethug leadership to simply oppose everything. And it seems, like Nancy Reagan’s anti drug program, not to be making much difference, other than to make them look clearly what they are: crybabies and bad sports who trade public welfare for being contrary.

They oppose the extension of hate crimes legislation,  although we have had it for decades now without the world coming to an end. Some Rethugs found themselves opposing legislation proposed by Franken which would eliminate a contractual prohibition to sue rapists who worked for the company. I mean do you really want to be publicly on the wrong side of that one? “NO, I think Haliburton should be able to keep women from suing Haliburton employees who rape them. After all, profits must prevail!”

Similarly, when you look at net neutrality legislation, what do you find? Yep, you guessed it, the Rethugs are against it. As someone said, all you need do is look who subsidizes the Republican by way of contributions to know whose side he or she is on. I mean who doesn’t want the Internet free of priority speeds for certain companies?

And then there is my favorite of all, posts on Facebook. One of our less than stellar brains posted a report on how many wars and deaths had occurred since the United Nations had been instituted. The lead headline for the piece was something like “How’s that peace doing for ya?” Well, first of all, dumbed down, the UN has not started any wars and has not aggressively set out to kill anyone. They try to STOP wars and aggression. Not exactly their fault that they are not internationally supported by the member nations in peacekeeping. I mean, seriously, are you not for peace? I thought that was kinda a Christian thing as well as a mature human thing. Maybe I’m wrong.

Then we have the utter slimy behavior of the right wing pundits. I mean, the rank and file, the middle of the road, read SANE Republicans can’t even complain about the insulting load of bull that is barfed out upon the great illiterate uneducated tiny tots of the electorate. Lindsay Graham, who admittedly seldom comes up for air by pulling his head out of McCain’s backside, tried to complain about Beck, only to be booed off the floor at the next town hall meeting he attended. The crazy minority, most of which are holding up their bibles as pitchforks, won’t allow any criticism of the idiot brigade.

So, of course they feed them the swill they wish and damned be the facts. This has been demonstrated again and again with Hannity. He cuts comments and re-pastes them to say what he wants, even though the speaker clearly meant otherwise and said so DIRECTLY. Now we have Rush, quoting from a “paper” allegedly written by Barack Obama in college. The paper was critical of the constitution and was leaning toward socialism. Of course Rush was near orgasmic in his outrage. When a sycophant whispered in his ear that the paper was a hoax, he refused to apologize, but merely said, “well, we know he really believes this stuff anyway.” And the folks who listen to Rush, not being educated or even mentally average, lap it up in their unknowing bewildered world.

Finally we were watching Jon Stewart last night, hands down the best actual pundit in the business these days. He had on Susie Essman, of Curb your Enthusiasm. Susie suggested, and I had said the same, that Sarah Palin and folks like her, who continue to insist that dinosaurs and man walked hand in hand in our not so distant past, against ALL the evidence, should be prevented from using technology.

I agree wholeheartedly. Now I know that the illogical nut case can’t understand the hypocrisy of being okay with some science and vilifying other science, sometimes even when they overlap, as in medicine (which they like) and evolutionary biology (which they don’t) but the rest of us can. You can’t pick science as “good” when it transports you across town, allows you to call other countries, lets you surf the net, and cook dinner in minutes instead of hours, but then claim that science is some monstrous behemoth of atheistic mumbo jumbo designed to hate God and his Word. We know you are being disingenuous, but at least we do admit, you don’t get it, because you don’t have the smarts to get it.

All this being said, it’s not really a complaint. It’s really a  big thank you Republicans. You continue to satisfy your extraordinarily weird collection of misfit followers, but you totally turn off the middle and the left. Having five percent of the electorate in your pocket doesn’t win elections. So keep up the usual swill. I hear Bachmann and King and others of the “crazier than any loon” brigade has introduced legislation to commend and honor all those who marched against taxes. Good luck. Those two are good for another ten votes every time they open their mouths.

And so it goes. Just sayin.’

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