Too many irons in the fire. I don’t know what that means for fire and iron, but it means for me that I’m getting stretched too thin today.

After a couple of “sick” days, I’m back working furiously, and catching up in increments.

I’m off to the food pantry to day for service. I’ve done the e-mails, phone calls, and reading for EFM. I’m closing in on making some good dents in the mountain of work that I have carefully worked out in my list of to do’s. My list of daily accomplishments has become evocative of child’s play, marking down that I “ate breakfast” as an accomplishment. Might be if I were bulimic, which I am not.

It does serve of course to make me feel like I’m getting actually work done, and I am. But my time is run down today, and I’m off to cook some food for the Contrarian’s dinner and then get on the road down to the pantry. I’m at least feeling a bit better than I have things back in some kind of orderly fashion, and tasks are being accomplished.

Oh and a happy congratulations to all who won books in the book giveaway. The winners have been notified and their books will be on their way soon. Thanks to everyone for participating. I hope we can offer more in the future.

So Phew! Enjoy your day, and I will mine, and enjoy these cuties!

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