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wittyI think illness is a perfect time to be studying Job. After all, God makes it clear that Job’s complaints are small potatoes to God’s concerns about running a universe.

Thus, I feel right at home with Job, whining about my miseries. Hey, God, can you abracadabra this away? I mean it won’t take long, and I know you are busy, but really I am a big promoter of yours. A little help here?

Actually, it’s not all that bad, more irritation than true misery, but hey, that doesn’t make the story so good, so a little embellishment seemed appropriate.

I’m not about to die, if that’s what you think based on the cartoon. I’m just in a bitchy kind of mood, which is common when my body acts like a silly fool. I have important things to do, and dang, they ain’t gettin’ done as it were.

Things started off badly with the computer scare on Sunday, when we couldn’t seem to get sufficient speed out of old Bessie to open a website. Not good. That turned out to be a wiring issue, one the Contrarian was able to solve (blessed be his name!) on Monday. I started having digestive “issues” on Tuesday. They seemed better on Wednesday, but that was a hellish day. I left at 2:30, went shopping, hit a meeting at CEC, left at 5:15, went to Grace and spent three hours in EFM, arriving home near 9:30, exhausted, and chilled.

It only got worse. By morning, I was all cramped up, the “pinging” stomach pains gone, but with every move, I thought I was carrying a bucket of biting piranha in my tummy. Mostly it just hurt in the lower right quadrant, and so I got visions of appendectomies in my future. But the pain was limited to moving around, so I figured that wasn’t it.

I slept a good deal, ate very little, trying to let my offended tummy and intestines heal, and pouted a lot. I then thought of swine flu, since I had a lot of chills over the day and evening. No coughing or fever, no diarrhea or upchucking, so I figured probably not that either.

I delight in those times of misery, of diagnosing all sorts of ugly scenarios. Mostly I’m wrong, and I’m much better today, if still struggling with muscle spasms the result of the stretching and bloating of my aggravated digestive system. I bend over and suddenly my stomach seizes up and I moan trying to pretzel my body in a backward stretch, hoping to pull the muscle out of its seizure of how tightly it can squeeze and how loudly I can mewl in anger and hurt.

Such is freakin’ life. As I said, I’m better today. Not best in case you missed that. Just better. Tomorrow we can hope for best. And it’s back to my regular diet of home baked bread and no boxes and no baked store crap for me. No ice cream unless I make it, ya know, the usual pain in the backside is back!

Along the way, in the cloud of misery I fancied myself in yesterday, I heard or saw, or witnessed in some fashion these following ideas:

A child in Colorado supposedly unmoored his dad’s spaceship balloon which was chased across the skies for some time, finally coming down, sans boy.  Now we thought the boy might have fallen, being only about 6 or so. Thank goodness, no, he was safely hidden in the attic. Now we wonder, was it all a set up for his attention craving parents? 

I’m not sure what all that matters unless you realize that given the 24-hour news we get, we all know of this adventure from almost start to finish. We share in it and breathe a collective sigh of relief when said child is found okay. We have participated in a drama the likes of which was not possible a few decades ago. I’m not sure how that effects our mentality as humans in the group experience. I’ll have to ponder it now that my mind is not distracted with painfully acting noodles of digestive rope strung through my insides.

I play games online a lot when I’m not feeling well. It distracts me. So I was on facebook, since games are plentiful there. Lots of hearts to send and receive, flowers to water and fertilize, mafia to kill and weapons to acquire. There are also lots of “polls.”

I saw a couple yesterday, and feel obligated somehow to respond. Facebook, is, I suspect filled with the usual suspects, conservatives, and not very bright people, along with those of more education, intelligence and should I say liberalism, as if to juxtapose those two phrases as opposites. I really don’t mean to of course.

One was on the death penalty, and sad to say nearly 80% claimed it was a good thing. No doubt a lot of them Christians, which always seems odd to me. Shouldn’t we leave such things to God?

The other was on creationism versus evolution. Here 60% believe in creationism. Now that may seem insane, and is to a degree. Plenty of college profs bemoan how difficult it is to unprogram young minds to do real science when they have grown up with such bizarre notions that the earth is but some 6,000+ years old.

I’m convinced that voluntary polling suggests very little of anything in the first place. And second, I’d be willing to wager than a huge chunk of the “creationists” thing they are favoring God versus no God in their answer. They don’t realize that the two are compatible. But then they don’t know much of anything about evolution, less about geology, and astronomy, and all the other disciplines that all structure on the same plane of time. A cursory look at the comments suggests as much. It’s pretty much akin to those who deny climate change, and then “prove” it by telling you that they had the worst winter ever last year. It denotes a childish and completely uninformed understanding of the subject.

Well, gosh I do run on. I’m truly sorry to have spent so much time wandering around my head again. I’ll be back up to rational conversation soon I hope.

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