No Seriously, I’m Sane

InsanityI don’t know if you appreciate just how hard I work to remain sane, and thus bring you news you can trust. Seriously, it’s quite a chore here in the land of Internet inter tubes. Ya see, the Internet is like tubes, with trucks. . . .oh never mind that’s another story.

And as you probably can figure out without my help, the Contrarian is no help in this pursuit of sanity, since he tends to push another whole set of my “the world is freakin’ nuts” buttons. Love conquers much in this respect however.

And yes, I know, I can hear you already. “If you didn’t go around courting disaster, you wouldn’t run into these impossible discussions that drive you madder than a hatter late for a tea party.” You did just say that didn’t you? I think I heard that right. And. . . . or am I just channeling some of Randal’s excess out of this worldly universe run on sentences that are not meant to make sense so much as they are  meant to evoke images that sear the synapses and lodge in the deep crannies of my skull? (How’d I do Randal?)

I have been off Catholic Answers that bastion of wacko religious right babbling for some weeks, but have slipped in the mucky mire of old school chums who have been closeted in  some far away universe being indoctrinated in how not to be logical or use your senses, which hopefully we believe are God given? So, yeah, it’s my own fault. Never follow my own advice.

Listen and hear me good: religious fundamentalism + logic = NOTHING INTELLIGIBLE

Be that as it may, I continue to pound my only head against any rock that shows up in the way. Not only does it make me dizzy, it hurts.

Example 1: When you can find  in the bible where God said he would use evolution as his means of creating, I’ll believe that! Oh okay, I gotta use your theology to prove my point? That’s logical, NOT.

Example 2: My pet peeve is people who believe in evolution and thus don’t believe in God’s WORD , and then insist on calling themselves Christians.  Oh Okay, I’ll alert eight tenths of the Christian world and see about coming up with a new name for us. Hello, it is after all YOUR interpretation, not the ONLY interpretation.

Example 3: I don’t care about what choice of lifestyle one makes, . . . . but God said it was a choice. Oh, Okay, where exactly?

I grab the nearest solid object and cling for dear life. I’m being sucked into a whole new plane or reality right? Naw, I’m just flying through those tubes and missed my exit.

I  have been reading a lot Genesis this week. That’s where I’m at in my EFM class. Von Rad and Brueggemann. Both classic writers on the subject. Both deeply accepted by even the average traditionalist Christian, as long as you don’t go crazy literal. Both talk about how there is no way that the creation story #1 (or #2 for that matter) was meant to be taken literally as scientific fact. But it was not myth either.

It speaks to the history of the people. Written after the exile in the 6th century, but containing much older material, it speaks to the chaos of the people and their lives under Babylonian rule. And it assures them that God IS the creator, bringing forth all that is, and that God will never abandon humanity. The point is covenant, the tension is how God relates and how creature relates. It is Creator, creating Creature. It is unassailable, unbreakable. This exile thing will end.

It defines God as deeply loving and caring of his creation. It speaks to our joy in following his will. It is not commanding. It recognizes the creature’s will. It reassures and gives hope to all. It does such harm and disservice to try to turn it into a science declaration. That utterly misses the point.

I don’t know. I only believe. That is my crime I guess. The fundies KNOW, believing is dangerous, and means I think that God can declare that they have failed the test. Believe the book, the world, I set up to trick you. Believe the book.

Counterpoint. That fundie nonsense is the source of most atheism.

Hey, I just ran into a pic of Chastity Bono. Chaz now. It’s hard to imagine what it must feel like to be one sex inside and look down and see the wrong equipment. I’m happy for him, glad he can fix the error in genetics. Evolution tells us that not all mutations are useful, some are downright annoying or worse.

Anyway, Chaz got it right. He’s a kinda cute dude. He wasn’t such a cute girl.

wenn-chazbon__optBy the by, I’ve apologized to my school chums about cluttering up their links and remarks with disagreement. I’ve promised to let it be. I’m hoping to make progress. You cannot reach everyone. You can’t reach most anyone I suspect. But you can and do reach one now and then, and that is enough. If I’m horridly wrong, then at least I don’t do too much damage either.

I’m humble. Make that humbler, more humble, making my way to humblist, most humble? Age teaches you that you have limitations, even intellectual ones. I have as usual more questions than answers, but I try to impart what I believe it true. I ask God for wisdom, and I believe that here and there I get some. Who knows. I hopefully get points for trying. Maybe not.

I’m still searching for the restaurant at the end of the universe. Hoping to meet the Buddha and Jesus. Maybe have a cup ‘o joe and a piece of pie. Save me some rhubarb if you would. Just sayin’.

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