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ellen_degeneresIndeed, if I were a gay woman, Ellen is I think just my type. I mentioned yesterday, that Ellen has been named as the newest judge on American Idol. And additionally, her show has moved from CBS to ABC. I have had occasion to see it here and there, mostly when the Contrarian is busy, since he is always chomping at the bit to get to the news channels.

Anyway, I got a chance to watch a bit as I cooled down from my walk. And I remembered just how funny I find her. Her whit is so quiet and so innocent.

I realized that that humor is perhaps the most important attribute I look for in a relationship. As you undoubtedly know, I am deeply blessed in that the Contrarian has a fabulous sense of humor and keeps me laughing daily. It’s the very best elixir to a marriage I believe.

So her attractive countenance aside, I find her so funny as to be utterly endearing. Portia is no doubt a lucky woman to have such a lovely wife.


joeWilsonI’m told that the Congressional cafeterias have removed all forms of metal cutlery from the dining area. Word is out that too many Republicans are talking about suicide these days.

While the rank and file somewhat rational GOP’ers were quick to condemn Joey (the mouth)Wilson’s outburst during the President’s speech, hoping this would cap the disaster quickly, that of course didn’t happen.

Wilson scurried over to the Foxy Noise people, who immediately commiserated with him, with Ann (the badger)Colter, calling him a “great American Statesman.” Similar mewlings came from the great Sean (you’ll believe anything I tell you morons) Hannity, who pouted that nobody apologized from the Democrats when they booed our President George (I read books!) Bush.

The funny part is that all the “defense” of Wilson people are so deluded that they don’t get it. We aren’t interested in vilifying Wilson. We want to shake his hand for doing exactly as we hoped. We didn’t know who of course, but we figured one of the wingnuts would take the bait and parade his/her hatred on national TV. He did, and we reaped the benefit in wonderful upticks in the polls.


SeanHannityDirtbagOh we always are thrilled to mention our boy Sean. Sean, who never was one to look a gift opportunity in the mouth, shamelessly takes advantage of a niche and panders to the wacko right.

He’s been tagged more than once by deliberately sanitizing written statements to alter their meaning. Usually he quotes a sentence without the rest which would have made it clear that it means just the opposite from what Sean alleges.

Sean’s propensity for this seems to have increased, suggesting they are not finding much of an reality to gripe about. His latest: In the President’s speech Wednesday night, Obama, said that insurance CEO’s were NOT evil or bad, but motivated by profit concerns. Sean simply reported that he was aghast (yeah right) that the President had used to intemperate and ugly rhetoric in CALLING INSURANCE CEO’S BAD PEOPLE.

I’m inclined to think that Sean has so little regard for the admitted limited intelligence of his followers that he assumes they can’t understand what they hear either, and need his “interpretation.” He’s of course happy to alter the truth to suit his agenda. Not because he is a bad person of course, but only because he is motivated by profit concerns. And Sean gets richer and who cares about truth?


No doubt a very few of my readers, fewer since I think  some have departed in disgust, disagree when I point out that much of the anti-health care anti-everything is in reality racism against the President. The fail to see that only either thoroughly mental defects or those who have latent and virulent racism can buy into the crazy world of birthers, deathers, parenters, and so forth legitimately. I might suggest that they suffer from one or the other themselves, but that would be mean.

In any case, lest there be any doubt as to the vicious hatred expressed by the far right, let me link you to a post by David Kahane in the National Review. If you think this is legitimate disagreement, I invite you to review the name given the President: His High Serene Highness, the Emperor, Barack Hussein Obama II, whom he afterwards refers to as Barry. His wife, Michelle is called Madame DeFarge. He makes some ugly references to the President’s vacation coinciding with Ramadan. If you don’t think racism is alive and well and being eaten up by the trailer-trash, beer swilling, bible thumpers, hatin’ them colored/black brown/oriental types, and fishy Muslim sneaks (not all adjectives apply to all persons), then you may be one of the above described.


cheney-dick-evilHow could we pass up this gem. It seems that two retired Marine Generals have said enough is enough. They have renounced former vice president, Dick “The Dick” Cheney, for his continual championing of torture as something that works and has “kept us safe.”

Both, speaking in the Miami Herald, both said that the techniques and tactics used by the Bush-Cheney administration actually hampered efforts to fight al-Quaeda and resulted in additional harm to US service personnel who were captured by enemy forces.

Of course we all remember that polling suggests that the right wing evangelical church goer is the type most supportive of torture of enemy combatants. That’s I guess the answer they get when they ask, “What would Jesus do?”

Dr. Evil continues to try to protect his legacy as best he can by again giving responsible Republicans more reasons to wish for muzzles, and federal laws preventing retired politicos from opening their mouths without permission.

But in the end, Dick cares not about America, but about how he is remembered. I guess he doesn’t get that this kind of talk only digs his hole deeper. Republicans are already quick to say, “I never knew him,” and all before the cock has crowed three times too.

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