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NunsSome weeks ago, it was announced that the Vatican was going to conduct a “review” of American Catholic religious women. One part is understandable, of the 59,000 nuns in the US, 70 is the median age, and there are only several hundred who are in their 30’s. Something is definitely wrong in the world of women religious. This is a laudable goal to find an answer.

The other part of the investigation is to determine just how out of sync some women religious are in the area of same-sex issues, women’s ordination, and various other ecumenical endeavors. It is in a nutshell, a witch hunt to uncover heresy and unorthodoxy within the ranks of the various orders.

While it is not unusual for people within faith communities to leave because the faith does not conform to their beliefs and ideas of church, it is rather unusual for a denomination to conduct an investigation aimed at ferreting out those who aren’t in full agreement with dogmatic pronouncements. There is as I understand it no particulars on how women who are not in theological conformity with be dealt with.

I at one time spent an appreciable time with women religious and I can easily imagine their reaction to this “investigation.” If I know my sisters, they will meet the delegations with unfailing hospitality and continue to do exactly as they feel compelled to do by the Gospel. No excuses, no apologies will be offered. Read an excellent piece on the subject at Religious Dispatches.


deathpanelsIt really does defy understanding. How can a functional walking, talking human being actually believe that any American president would be promoting a health care system that involved the “culling” of the old and useless and letting them die? I mean seriously, I get the insane GOP desire to destroy this presidency and regain the upper hand by virtually any means, but certainly they can’t expect traction on this issue? Right?

Wrong. A recent poll suggests that fully 1/4 of the GOP actually believes that this is in the bill, and the desire of Democrats. Which I guess tells you just how bizarre its base is. I’d have never thought that Chuckie “da Grass” Grassley would succumb to this absurdity, but indeed he has. And this in the face of the fact that he voted yea for similar provisions that existed in the medicare bill when it was introduced way back in LBJ’s day. Those pesky carbon copies. Rethugs continue to disbelieve in paper trails. I guess they are so fond of shredders they think everybody does it.


TomDelayAnd I big YEEEHAWWW, ala Howard Dean for this one. I mean “they are coming to take me away, haha heehee to the funny farm,” echoed in my head as I sat watching ABC’s GMA unveil the newest group of Dancing with the Stars contestants. What group of mostly has been entertainers would be joined by a variety of athletic types? It was almost too good to be true, when the final name was announced.

None other than. . . .(drum roll, and appropriate trumpet flourishes please). . . . Tom “the Hammer” Delay. Indicted and thrown out of Congress for his cheatin’ ways, Tom is da man to beat when the new season starts. We are falling down laughing excited.  Can Sean be far behind? Or Newt?

And I shamelessly stole the picture which was brilliantly photoshoped from Mock, Paper, Scissors, which is a terrific blog and you should visit it regularly.

You know, one gets to thinkin,’  I bet you can find just about anything lurking in the Republican Party these days. It’s a cornucopia of perversions! OOOOh I just can’t wait until Tom, sans shirt, does the Pasa Doble. No need for no death panels, old ladies will be dropping like flies.


MichelleBachmannOh, another, another you say. The GOP burps up another hairball. Any time Michelle Bachmann wants to give us a tour of her chaotic mind, I get all tingly.

Seems she’s coined a new word–being “palinlized.” And she expects it to start happening any time. It means that now that Sarah has stepped aside (in your dreams Michelle) the media will be coming out to beat her up as the heir apparent.

Heir apparent to utter crazy? Yes indeed, except that Michelle also wants ya all to know that she was Sarah before Sarah was Sarah, meaning she’s been certifiable for a few years longer than the Wonder Moose from Alaska.

Speaking of which, I was on Sarah Facebook page and leaving “corrections” to her drivel, when I was oddly required to give up a cell phone number in order to leave a comment? Odd wouldn’t you say? I didn’t comply of course, not wantin’ to hear “ya know” in my ear at 3:30 in the morning one day.


frogsI work hard to bring you the important stuff. And so, here I am again, digging through the dung to find you the story. It seems that some researcher (all scientist types do the most amazing things) was poking around in elephant dung and guess what?

He found frogs. Yeppers. He was looking for seeds and stuff to determine food choices, but found him some frogs. Seems frogs find pachyderm poop nice digs. They invite a plethora of other distinctly joyous living things such as termites, centipedes, spiders, and scorpions to share the apartment with them too.

So, I got to thinkin’ that Republicans should be checking their toitoi’s when they poop, to see if frogs have taken up residence in their innards. Technically, its probably not the case that the frogs inhabit the butts of the elephants, but given the friends they keep, one can’t be too careful.

It  probably would be a good idea if you know any reasonable Republicans (assuming as we always say, if there be such a animal) you not let them read this blog. It’s soooo depressing I would think from their point of view. If they read, remove all sharp objects from their vicinity.

With that, we bid adieu.

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