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spb_brain_evolution-It doesn’t happen that often, but today, after running through well over one hundred blogs, I’ve still seen nothing to awakens an idea in my magnificent brain to write about. The last one, a snotty little offering from our dearest friend Randal, at that oh so smarmy Frenchy sounded blog l’ennui melodieux, well, it gave me the idea.

If you go over, and go you should, you’ll find a nice little post that says and means essentially nothing, but is a pleasant enough stringing of words, much like poetry, that can mean what you want it to. I shrugged, and thought, well why the hell not. I can string with the best of them.

I once upon a time thought Randal was just “too deep” for me, but then, he reads my blog, so that killed that idea. I finally realized he was just putting it over on us with his fancy words. And hey, nobody can claim Randal ain’t read, cuz he is. I think it’s like having your cranium shook a bit each day or two, knocks the dust down and all those synapses snap back into place, and you’re ready once more for molecular physics. Quarks anyone?

There seems to be no abatement in the Michael Jackson phenom, and that’s starting to be a problem in the meadow. The Contrarian is threatening to write off forever whole networks if they don’t stop, and no amount of explaining that “THEY DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK” seems to sink in. I just threw in this comment, cuz then I can list MJ as a tag and up my readership some more. I have 5,000 hits on Sunday. They are really tracking everything I say these days about MJ and Depp, Johnny that is. Wow, now I can add him too. Those are the search leaders these days, and you know how much time I spend talking about either of them.

I am pained a good deal looking around at the sky. I keep figuring that something is about to happen, given that the temperature more closely resembles like late September than freakin’ July. I mean we are looking at a high of 73 tomorrow. The garden simply groans in confusion. You can hear it if you listen carefully. It’s various components don’t know whether to set fruit or just give up in disgust. We’re about to see I guess how strong the drive to reproduce is.

I have been watching the Sonia Sotomayor hearings a bit today. The judge seems to be holding her own quite well, as the idiot likes of Sessions and a few others look foolish by comparison. I understand that Sessions some years ago was appointed to a federal judgeship but was not confirmed. I think he’s a mean spirited guy, but then most Republicans are these days. Our own Chuckie cheese Grassley says he’s “troubled” by her empathy statements. But oddly, he wasn’t troubled when Alito said much the same during his confirmation hearings. Grassley, agrees that he’s being a bit inconsistent. Hard to toe the Republican line when your past keeps contradicting you.

I usually watch Wimbledon every year. I like tennis, though I loathe John McEnroe. But if I turn down the sound I can handle it. Which brings to mind, why do we reward idiot nasty people with long term “commentator” contracts? Anyway, I didn’t watch this year because my dog in the race, Rafael Nadal, was out with an injury. Isn’t that a perfectly lovely name? Rafael? Ahhh, just sublime. Anyway, Federer, Roger has both a pedantic name and a brow ridge akin to Neanderthal origins. Rafael, has as they say a “body to die for.”

I do tend to choose my favorites in that disgustingly superficial way. I’m not ashamed of it. I mean isn’t that obvious? Johnny Depp is beyond gorgeous. I have been known to root for some not so gorgeous types. I was a real fan of Johnny McKenzie of the Boston Bruins a few dozen years ago. And he was how can you say it nicely? Dog butt ugly comes to mind, but don’t quote me.

God and me are doin’ find. Thanks for asking. I’m getting the chance to join that education program at my church after all. They insist that they have scholarships and so I’m blessed indeed. I’m reading a new book, another to review. Hopefully, unless I come across another “must have” I’ll read a few of my own collection and then enjoy some from our church library. Now we do have a selection that makes the average biblical study nut like me just salivate. I can hardly wait.

I was over at FranIAm’s blog yesterday, and she was just back from a retreat. I’m, embarrassed to say how long its been since I’ve been on any kind of one. We have a retreat center that is closer to me than my church, so I really am going to do that soon. She’s another blog that should be visited regularly. I do, but don’t always comment.

Speaking of which, it sure would be nice if that feature, commenting, were available within the reader, without bringing up the page. Easier for me at least. Oh and hit that Westminster button now and again if you have the time. I got a whopping 8 points so far. Need 50 for a book! lol…okay here’s hoping for Christmas?  I guess I should have thrown in a recipe to be complete, but hey, we can’t have everything.

So Randal, I know it’s not as elegant as yours, but did I do this streaming bouncing off the wall prose okay? It’s the best I can do on short notice. Have a superb day folks.

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