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sarah-palinYou know you wanna. I mean, it’s been too long without the Sarah fix hasn’t it? And who better to dish the dirt than Vanity Fair‘s own Todd S. Purdum.

Nobody does it better and just everybody reads Vanity’s exposes’ of the celebrity best.

This one is actually very good. You’ll get lots of real insight into the queen of the North, who still refuses to waste time learning anything, figuring that her base would only get confused I guess if she actually knew anything.

In any event, a few of the staffers finally open up and tell all about the moose hunter from Alaska. The picture remains not pretty. She is distrustful and pays little attention to the experts around her, preferring to rely almost exclusively on the “first dude” for advice. There is but one motivating force, and that is pure, unadulterated, blatant blind ambition. That is what drives this little engine.

Why she continues to be upheld by so many in the Republican hierarchy is, well, but another question in the great book of questions as to why the Rethugs are hell-bent on self destruction. Enjoy the rather lengthy, but fascinating read.


Micro cosmos.This just in from Fermi Lab. A new sub-atomic particle has been observed. “Observed” may be too strong a word. Forget using the kid’s play microscope for this folks.

Named Omega -sub-b-Baryon, its composed of three quarks, two strange ones and a bottom. Not strange as in “weird” but strange as in physics strange which probably includes almost everything. Ever check out “string theory?” The bottom quark doesn’t refer to any sexual proclivity I don’t think, but don’t quote me.

This kind of thing makes physicists all giddy and ready to pee their pants, but I don’t know as it will have much impact on the average person.

It remains a good jaw dropping remark to make at the next cocktail party you attend.


SALLY-KERN-largeOkay, you need to sit down for this. If you see this woman, call for the straight jacket people. Seriously. And Oklahoma is under quarantine until her capture.

Seriously, damnit, I really mean this. This is the photo you will find in all future editions of the Oxford Dictionary under the word CRAZY.

Said, state legislator, has introduced a resolution in the state of OK(we are a bunch of lunatics)lahoma, claiming that the reason for the the economic downturn is the prevalence of general “debauchery” throughout the American culture, and the failure of our President to follow the moral precepts laid down by our rich Christian heritage, as interpreted by said genius Sally Kern.

Need we add that Ms. Kern is a Republican? She gives their crazy Senator Inhofe a run for his money. Move over Minnesota and Michele Bachmann, there’s a new sheriff of wingnuttery in town.

You must read this resolution. It’s hysterical. (Oh, and just in case you forgot, if I don’t name a crazy person for the week, by default it goes to your choice of Glenn Beck, the aforementioned Michele Bachman, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Karl Rove, Ann Coulter, Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, Dick (the Dick) Cheney, —well you can go on forever can’t ya?)


apostrophes_3885You could have knocked me over with a bunch of feather’s, or fruit’s, or even baseball’s, but I had no idea that there were folks in this world who were troubled by apostrophes’s.

Indeed there are. And some people call my blog trivial! Well I can show you trivial sister!

Travel to Apostrophe Abuse, and you can see how some people react to the misplacement’s of a few highly placed commas!

If you’re one of those folks who can’t sleep at night for worrying about whether your last e-mail contained an unwanted and unneeded squiggle. If you can’t bear to stray more than three feet from your Strunk & White’s Elements of Style. If you are simply apostrophophobic, then by all means, sneak over and get your fix. I’ll not breath a word, I promise’s.


RushI’ve been wondering what common denominator exists in all the right wing nuttery from the GOP side of things. You know, food, drink? I thought maybe bibles, the KJV specifically, but then I figured, heck it doesn’t seem like they ever read that much.

So, I’m stymied on that. But another fine piece of illogic emanates from none other than our dear old friend, Rush (DB to his friends)Limbaugh.

Seems he’s figured out what caused poor Governor Mark Sanford to go off the deep end and off to Argentina to woo a certain senorita.

It was, hold on to your hats friends, Barack Obama!

Yes indeed, the President himself. You see, Sanford, so distraught over having the fine people of South Carolina override his veto, and having to accept that stimulus package, found it all was just too much. He lost his mind, you see. Couldn’t cope, with the about to ensue communist takeover by the federal government.

Had to run away from all the red scare Stalinistic tricks, into the arms of a lady who represents, apparently, some form of democratic perfection. Well, it’s A theory I guess.

I think Rushie forgot that the affair has been ongoing just a tad longer than Obama has been President. But heck, why should facts get in the way of a good smear?

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