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Darlene Ensign and Senator John EnsignIt wouldn’t be an issue that married Republican Senator John Ensign had an affair with a married woman, but for the fact that said Governor was also a “born-again” Christian and active in Promise Keepers.

Isn’t it tiresome to see folks telling the rest of us how to be “moral” when they themselves are the worst of hypocrites? One finds this rather regularly these days, and one begins to wonder.

Sure, these folks can spout scripture at you all day long to justify whatever admonitions they are throwing at the rest of us, but when it comes to anything about justice, equality, compassion and so forth, they don’t recall any passages at all. Perhaps its time they were forced to repeat a hundred times: “Remove the plank from your own eye before complaining of the splinter in someone else’s eye.”


It wouldn’t be an issue that Fixed Noise never seems to have anything but negative reports about the Obama Administration if they were at least legitimate in their criticism. I mean by that, that at least they used arguable facts. They instead rely on pure lies, trusting apparently that their “base” doesn’t get any real news anywhere else.

faux_news_logoEverybody who has a brain knew that no matter what happened in the Iranian elections. Somehow it would be bad for Merika. So true to form, it is Obama’s fault that Ahmadinajad has been declared the winner. The theory goes that had not Obama made it clear that he was willing to dialog with Iran in some fashion, they would have allowed the real winner to be declared. Since Obama will deal with Ahmadinajad, then they can continue to be repressive.

The logic is astounding of course, but actually Foxy is only pretending outrage at all this. They were fervently hoping and are jumping for joy and hoping that this “victory” stands up. Why? Because they believe this will enhance the likelihood that Israel will bomb Iran’s nuclear potential, which is something they really want to happen. 

The wringing of hands and the awful “suppression” of freedom talk is just for the boobs that watch them. They are of the Cheney Darth Vadar, American exceptionalism/World SuperPower/DictatorsareUs persuasion.  


david-lettermanIt wouldn’t be an issue about David Letterman’s “joke” about Sarah Palin’s daughter, but for the fact that Sarah, as  usual doesn’t know when to stop, and now comes off the worst of the two.

Letterman’s joke was arguably in poor taste regardless, though I am perfectly sure he had no idea the daughter in question was Willow and not Bristol. While Bristol may be considered “fairer” game in the sense that she was a pregnant, and now unwed mother, and is eighteen years old, still, it was a bit crude.

Now plenty of comics are crude, so as we say, one can go yech, and go on. Sarah could have said as much, and reminded Mr. Letterman that he should take more care in research. The two girls look amazingly alike, and frankly I can’t tell them much apart. Mr. Letterman could have nicely apologized for
the mistake, and life could go on.

Instead we have this nonsense by Sarah da moosey hunter, likening Mr. Letterman to a pedophile. If that were not enough, she really jumps off the cliff and starts accusing the media of treating her children differently than the precious Obama kids, since when Obama speaks, we all must obey.

Trouble is I seem to recall on the campaign trail that she always had her Down’s syndrome baby in the photo op, and her pregnant and about to be married daughter Bristol front and center with the prospective hubby and daddy, who was the salt of the earth.

Of course when that didn’t work out after the election, (and we rather expected it would not), Bristol is pushed onto the talk circuit to promote abstinence only, even when she of course had gone on record saying it doesn’t work! So, I’m a thinkin’ that Ms. Palin, knows a thing or two about exploiting children that is pretty competitive with the charges she levels at the media.


cruise-shipIt wouldn’t be an issue that another woman appears to have fallen off a cruise ship, but for the fact that this conversation ensued:

Contrarian: “Ya hear there was another woman who fell overboard from one of those cruise ships?”

Me, sipping morning coffee: “mmmmm, no.”

A definite “knowing” look from the man told not to disturb my mornings with his nuttery.

Me: “I guess I should take that as a warning?”

Contrarian: (Smiling). “I can almost hear it, the nagging wife, I want to go on a cruise, I want to go on a cruise. Finally her husband can take no more. Fine dear, if that’s what you want.” Another of those self-satisfied smiles, and he stares off into space, contemplating.

Me: “Uhuh, I take that as a threat.”

So, dear readers, if I should suggest that I’m heading off for a cruise, you can be sure if I don’t resume blogging, well, just drop a dime on the local authorities. No doubt they will find the Contrarian peaceably lounging on the couch, without any nagging wife. I’m counting on you to avenge my death!

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